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Test style2

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Remove Scrollbar

no more scrollbar for you

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Global Black


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Dyslexia online - Make the web more accessible

This is a style for dyslexic people who have problems reading the web pages they're visiting. It removes practically all formatting elements from a page and leaves it clean and easy to read for dyslexic individuals. It was created after following the University of Dublin's Clear Print Guidelines []. The code that was used to highlight links, text areas, text boxes and buttons was taken from the 'Bright Focus (for buttons, links, and textboxes)' style [] and modified to suit the needs of this global style. I will try to constantly update the following code as I browse the web and try to make it as usable as possible. I hope you will find it useful and please make sure you leave your feedback, either it's positive or negative. Thank you! ** Update 2011-01-12 : Added support for HTML5 tags.

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4Colorblind.Black Background. Yellow, Blue text.

I took my favorite style: and changed the font to comic sans MS and adjusted some colors. I needed something for my eyes to easily read. Not for everyone for sure. Also, my suggestion is to use: and There are things to fix but I have no idea how to do it... yet.

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绿豆色 背景

绿豆色背景 护眼

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Simple Scrollbars

Based a lot on The Aeroboy Chrome extension (, these scrollbars are a slight refinement. Choose between his and mine, I'm not sure how much better or worse mine are! WEBKIT BROWSERS ONLY (Chromium, Safari, ect. - NOT Firefox). NEW - Mozilla version: Firefox - Simple Scrollbars. Differences to Aeroboy's extension: - Transparency on all scrollbars except the far outer ones. - Change of colour on hover and mouse down. - Thinner. - Possible other things I have forgotten. Screenshot notes: - Them two scrollbars in "after" really are the same colour, it's an optical illusion! Even I (who wrote the code) had to check this in Paint. - The scrollbar in "before" is from an XP theme I have downloaded (i.e. the system default). - The screenshots are from this page (the edit page), with - update of Super Style redesign activated.

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youtubeMe Earth Hour V3 new style

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Chicken Cursor

A chicken

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