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Headology - easily see what's in pages' heads.

It puts a small gray "button" in topright corner of the viewport (the place where page is displayed). After hovering on it, a popup appears, ahowing some info about page head (meta tags etc).

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Gmail Compact - CSS ONLY

Google has committed a new style and look for gmail on November 1st, 2011. Do you feel like the compact look is incomplete? This script improves and completes the look and field of the compact view. Tired of seeing annoying ads? Let this script be your best friend and hide those ads. Enjoy!

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Tumblr Font Fix that shit

fixing shit

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protect eyes (black green)

for baidu、google、qq、ifeng、163、sina、mtime、douban 更新部分主要适用于中国大陆。适用于chrome 基本思路: 将所有元素的background-color设为透明,html和body元素的background-color设置为指定颜色。 元素的background可能有图形文字,所以没有统一设置。自己常用的网站,若弹窗背景为透明,请在第7段添加目标名称;若有非墨绿色背景,请在第8段添加目标名称。 目前baidu、google、qq、ifeng、163、sina、mtime、douban为本人经常使用的网站,因此对这几个网站的匹配更好些。 另外修正了chrome浏览qq图片新闻的页面问题。 本样式只使用三种颜色: 墨绿:#0E726A,所有的背景色 暗金:#C09F74,重点文字、弹窗边线 银色:#C0C0C0,普通文字 可自行搜索替换颜色

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Facebook- Prospit skin

Gives Facebook the skin of a golden planet.

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Dean e Sam Supernatural

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Easy Text Reading Dark Background

Good for e-books in text or html format, or any web site with long articles or hard-to-read text. Standard size sans-serif font. It's not white on black, but light gray text on very dark gray background. I prefer light text on a dark background, but I realize most people prefer the opposite - my Easy Text Reading Gray Background has dark text on a gray background.

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Eye Friendly Dark G+ 0.9 pt2

This style will work in booth parts - this is part2 pt1:

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MayBe a better User CSS Help U.

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