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RealG4L Facebook Login Page

RealG4L Facebook Login Page RealG4L by:rolansdesign

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Cool Naruto Shippuden Facebook design made for fans of

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themes bob marley

sytle on facebook

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Alianza Lima Facebook by LordSantaZ

Alianza Lima Facebook by LordSantaZ Para los hinchas del Real Madrid / For fans of Real Madrid:

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Facebook WIP - Now w/ Custom Background~

Works in Firefox, doesn't work in Chrome. Original screenshot in all it's pretty png beauty (before resize) here~ Dark fb theme, main colors are #121212, #6c7393, #434359, #44496c and #aaaaaa, open the CSS in Notepad++ and replace those colors with what colors you want to easily edit it, apologies for the messy code ;-; The red icon for friend requests/messages/notifications still appears but is just hidden when there's no unread ones, and can be accessed by hovering near the top. The only reason I kept the 'news feed' dropdown arrow is that's the only way to go from most recent to top stories, which fb likes to do on it's own which is infuriating ugh, but now it's a little ghost~ But enjoy not going blind from fb's hideous style~ n_n

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La del Lord :3

Para fans de BLEACH

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Facebook Easy go, FB go go go

1,Protect your eyes. 2,Stop ads. 3,wide read area 4,Small chat button

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