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Tema ArteAnime - 003

Si usan este tema asegúrense de instalar este mas para corregir algunos errores: - Esperamos les guste este tema especial para darle estilo a tu facebook y no olviden visitar nuestra pagina : donde encontraran muchas cosas del mundo anime y la cultura japonesa

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Facebook: Hide Ads, Suggestions, and More

Hide some parts of Facebook that I think unimportant, like Ads, friend or group suggestions, home link on the upper right, news ticker, and not-favorited groups/lists/apps. IMPORTANT: "Favorite" your Facebook apps/pages/groups if you don't want them to be hidden on the left column of Facebook. Do it before you activate this style.

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Facebook hand cursor

A facebook hand cursor for facebook.

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Facebook - sticky left bar with collapsed subitems

This style holds the left column on a fixed position when you scroll the page. The collapsed subitems will fly in when you hover over them. Compatible with my Dark, Black and Pink Facebook themes.

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Facebook - Left Side Chat Bar [BETA] FIREFOX ONLY

Facebook - Left Side Chat Bar - by xd_1771. Re-coded and designed to complement Facebook - PERFECTION In time this may become a part of Facebook - Perfection == COMPATIBLE WITH FIREFOX ONLY == NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CHROME == == OPTIMIZED FOR NEW FACEBOOK WITH GRAPH SEARCH == This userscript: -Moves chat portion of side-bar to left side of screen -Compacts chat-bar to pictures-only when not active (so as not to eat the left sidebar on small screens) -Chat-bar automatically widens to show full friend names with animation upon hover -Allows for larger ticker bar on right-side screen -Allows for chat search/contact search Also recomended: - Facebook - Perfection - LINK - Social Fixer - LINK - Facebook Minimalistic Login - LINK CURRENT VERSION: 1.1 BETA

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Minimal Facebook

A way to minimize Facebook to see only what you want to see, in a clean and simple fashion.

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Only show online people - Facebook chat

Shows only who's online in your facebook chat: don't display mobile or offline users. If something's wrong with the coding, contact me. Tumblr - Google+ - Facebook

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