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Minimal Facebook Login Page (Blue)

Makes the login page for Facebook minimal, it only shows a box in the centre of the screen where you login and with a nice blue background.

Updated: Jan 11, 2014 Installs This Week: 11 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook redesign 2014-10

a sleek, minimal style for facebooks recent redesign - enjoy

Updated: Oct 1, 2014 Installs This Week: 7 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook: Sidebar Autohide

This style was made for Facebook: Dark and Flat ◈ automatically hides sidebar when inactive ◈ expands back on hover ◈ smooth animation ◈ customizable width of inactive sidebar Last updated GMT+8, 15 May 2014, 20:34.

Updated: May 15, 2014 Installs This Week: 17 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook Theme K-ON - Yui Hirasawa #1

add my facebook : add my facebook : dont miss my blog :

Updated: Jun 13, 2014 Installs This Week: 12 Average Rating: N/A