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Ara Asura by Tchan

i hope u like it :D

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Wallpapers para Facebook - Space Seasson 82 - 50

Imagen subida por: Tolch Script Original: Black Facebook Anime Theme by El3c7r1x creado por El3c7r1x, Modificado por : Tolch Mas Wallpapers para personalizar Facebook en

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Facebook - Super wide newsfeed

Makes the newsfeed super wide by eliminating left and right columns.

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Shades of dark transparentcy, w/o adds

NOTE, THIS IS FOR THE OLD VERSION OF FACEBOOK. IT WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ON THE NEW VERSION. in fact, it will look pretty terrible. use this for the new version: New Facebook, darkly w/o adds Seen this style? Black, blue, greyed and glossed, with NO adds: Well, this has a similar feel. Transparencys! darkness! original pictures and such! it's awesome! The adds are removed, both facebook sponsored in the minifeed and the ones on the side. This is the beta, so there will be fixes for hard to see text and such. I wouldnt expect any drastic changes from this point, just several improvements. Please note, this uses alot of PNG semitransparency things. In other words, it might not work well at all on old browsers. If you have one of the relatively knew versions of firefox, you should be good.

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Comprehensive "Newest" Facebook Redesign

This style changes fonts, makes things fit into smaller boxes, reduces the whitespace, adds a grey background, rounds edges, deletes ads, deletes junk, rationalizes buttons and boxes, and otherwise comprehensively redesigns Facebook. See end of code for deletes. Change as you like. I do check comments regularly, so if you have suggestions or find broken pages, report them there. Dark (Inverted) Version of this available by using (both of) these two styles: Facebook Inverted (and therefore Dark) and Comprehensive Facebook Redesign [Inverted]. February 2010: - Updating to newest changes. Am not going to spend too much work on it. September 2009: -- Unbroke. Some miscellaneous bug fixes (Button background-colour on the inverted version, e.g.) -- More miscellaneous bug fixes. August 2009: -- Reversed Facebook's latest changes. Let me know if I've missed anything. Update coming to darkened version soon. -- @ shadyblues. See Comp. Facebook Redesign Options for enabling backgrounds. -- Made the notifications tab look better. -- Made the help bar

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Facebook - The Simpsons ( by )

Theme for Facebook - The Simpsons See more themes in Image: see here a complete list of all Theme made by

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