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facebook light and ADplus

FB編輯框,P文框發光, 去除一些廣告, 中央列表拉寬 ....那個預覽圖是系統自動給的(๑• . •๑)

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Facebook WIP - Now w/ Custom Background~

Works in Firefox, doesn't work in Chrome. Original screenshot in all it's pretty png beauty (before resize) here~ Dark fb theme, main colors are #121212, #6c7393, #434359, #44496c and #aaaaaa, open the CSS in Notepad++ and replace those colors with what colors you want to easily edit it, apologies for the messy code ;-; The red icon for friend requests/messages/notifications still appears but is just hidden when there's no unread ones, and can be accessed by hovering near the top. The only reason I kept the 'news feed' dropdown arrow is that's the only way to go from most recent to top stories, which fb likes to do on it's own which is infuriating ugh, but now it's a little ghost~ But enjoy not going blind from fb's hideous style~ n_n

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Call of Duty Midnight Para facebook

Call off Duty Midnight Para Facebook: Elimina el brillo de la pantalla en un tono Azulado, para los que pasan mucho tiempo ya sea por trabajo o solo por diversión. Los CSS codes son Editados, si necesitan ayuda para saber como cambiar la imagen de fondo por una Propia, Envíenme un mensaje a facebook: con gusto les puedo ayudar.

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Facebook Blue Clear

Topbar color change with white background and full width news feed area.

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este es el nuevo estilo de facebook creado por mi

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Facebook - Red ( by )

Theme for Facebook Colors - Red See more themes in Image: see here a complete list of all Theme made by

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Gamabunta Naruto Facebook Skin (263)

Gamabunta Naruto Facebook Skin by URL: For more facebook skin please visit:

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Fun Facebook Layout (10575)

Fun Facebook Layout by URL: For more facebook layout please visit:

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Facebook Font: Helvetica

Facebook Font: Helvetica NOTE: You must have the font "Helvetica LT Std" installed on your system

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