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Facebook - Dark Red Gold Venom

This is only a color-change of DaedalusIcarusHelios´ "Facebook - Dark Static, transparency" in Black, Gold, Red. You can find his original-skin here: Thanks to DaedalusIcarusHelios for creating this.

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Call of Duty MW3 Facebook Login Page

Call of Duty MW3 Facebook Login Page for the Call of Duty Lovers..!! Added a new CSS so that it works perfectly on most screen resolutions & the background shows its best when browser is resized..!! Connect with to stay updated..!! Google+ link Also see Anonymous Black Facebook Login Page Assassin's Creed Facebook Login Page The Beauty of Nature Blue Flower Facebook Login Page

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Hello Kitty Facebook


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Facebook 'material design' - reader friendly

Material design for Facebook. Designed to fit the consumer/me. - No commenting - No liking - No sharing Just get it over with and go about your day. Only exceptions are pages and groups, because like Back Street Boys famously once said - I want it that way.

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Facebook Glowing cube blue ( NO AD )

A very nice style in black and blue without ad´s Published by Pimp My Site A version for your mobile is here Download PLEASE Like us on facebook to support us and get all NEWS AND UPDATES or tell us about errors

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Lionel Messi Facebook Login Theme

Its for all those Lionel Messi Fans who whould like Messi on their Facebook Login..!! Connect with to stay updated..!!

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Facebook - Dark Shiny Purple, transparency

This is a purple port of my Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency theme. I just changed out the background and replaced the two blue font colors with purple ones. Become a fan of my Themes on Facebook: ****************** Important! To update this style, you will need to uninstall it in Stylish, and then reinstall with your desired options ****************** Best used with Firefox 4

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Facebook One Piece

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