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Minimalistic !!! FB login !!! GALAXY !!!

New minimalistic login with GALAXY theme! For FF users if it wasn't working I updated with fix 5./8./2012. WOW 200,000 downloads! THANKS EVERYBODY! Because of my work I'll have to postpone styles on my ///NEXT list... Sorry guys... 350,000 downloads! THANKS EVERYONE! Hope it'll continue to be popular! I have a lot of work to do so you'll have to wait for the next theme! THANKS! My new style is out! Check it out: !!! STYLE IS UPDATED WITH NEW CODE TO FIX BACKGROUND BUG !!! [ 11.7.2013. ]

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Facebook Black (by pfeiffer stylez)

A black Facebook theme. Choose from 28 different backgrounds. If you don't like the plain black background, use one of my background generators: - Black Themes (6 wallpapers) - Galaxy Themes (6 wallpapers) - Autumn Themes (8 wallpapers) - Retro Cicles (6 color sets) ... or try the Monster High add-on. Compatible with the Social Fixer browser extension.

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Dark Blue Galaxy Facebook by LordSantaZ

Dark Blue Galaxy Facebook by LordSantaZ - Beta Con referencia a esta página:

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Facebook - Dark Shiny Green Galaxy, transparency

This is a green variant of Facebook - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency with a cool green space tile wallpaper, from Thanks to P-O Bergstedt ( who has granted permission for its use in this theme. Become a fan of my Themes on Facebook:

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Facebook - Galaxy Blue, transparency

07-Mar-2012 - New Fixes + New Galaxy background 04-Nov-2010 - New Fixes 22-Oct-2010 - Top bar and other fixes... 17-Aug-2010 - Updated with new fixes 04-Aug-2009 - Updated with all fixes Modified the style by DaedalusIcarusHelios... Using Galaxy as background

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Facebook Dark Galaxy Ez

Unlike the original, this works in Firefox. And, I've removed the tracker.

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Facebook Background Generator (Galaxy)

The galaxy background generator for my Black Facebook theme. Choose from six different wallpapers, and override the theme's plain black background. The preview shows the login page, but the background will appear on all FB pages. pfeiffer stylez is also on Facebook.

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Galaxy - Facebook Theme

Make You Happy With This Theme.

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Facebook Skin apple galaxy

created by heartripper view more

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