- Digg themes and skins Facelift

Changes include: - Reduced font size for the whole site 10px - Hover feature on all stories as well as left nav bar, so from 10 px it goes to 15px -Color changes to the stories fonts once you hover over them -Removed intro blurb found on the left nav -Removed bottom box with all the links -Changed the inside color of the search box RATE OR COMMENT PLEASE....Let me know if you liked it or was it garbage?

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Digg4.0 No Ads

-Removal of ads, site-wide. -Fills in empty ad space in comments. -Removal of invite announcement box. BEFORE: AFTER: 6/21/07 - got rid of invite announcement box. Planning more improvements in the future... most suggestions in comments.

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Digg 4.2: Locked menu, Beter paging and NO ads

This style, compared to my other style (Digg: Fluid, Fixed left-bar, No Burieds Stories), is much simpler and elegant. It locks the top menu to the top, thus making it accessible without having to scroll all the way back to the top, and the paging section is locked right below it, making it more accessible, as well. In addition, this will also removes all ads on the site and any story that you "bury". Lastly, if something isn't working for you with this style, let me know and I'll be sure to fix it. *** IMPORTANT: This style works perfectly with my " Mirror" script ( *** ===================== Release Notes ===================== [2010-01-28] * Version 2.0 of this style was released. [2007-12-28] * Updated to match the changes Digg made to their site. [2007-09-03] * Removed the "Integrating with Digg" section from the sidebar. [2007-08-29] * Updated to match the new design of Digg 4.1. [2007-04-04] * Rewrote the description a bit, and rem

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Digg v4 - Stripped down!

Stripped out alot of content if you just want to digg a story and see the topic.

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Digg v4.2 - Fluid, Ad and Spacing Remover

This is based on scottmark's "Digg v4 - a bit more fluid" style. Specifics (In addition to scottmark's version): * Removes the big block ad at the top of a comments page. * Removes the ad at the top of a Digg search page. * Removes the double spacing for the posting details at the top of a page. * Thins the comment bar thickness and reduces the addition padding added. 10-03-2007 I added and removed some things. Works pretty good still. If there's any problems please let me know and I'll try to fix them. This goes REALLY well together with Digg ClearComments:

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Digg - Image Identifier

EDIT: Link's now green & smaller new icon...easy on the eyes As you all know, does not have a picture section! This style is not going to give you one, but what it will do is hightlight the stories that link to... Filetypes - .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp & .jpeg Sites -,,,,, & Words in url - image, img, photo, potd, piv-of-the-day, pic-of-day & dayinpictures It is only a quick fix for the picture problem...enjoy SCREENSHOT DIGG THIS!

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Digg - Fluid, Ad and Spaceing Remover (Updated)

This is basically just Schrade ( Digg style but updated to work with the latest version of Digg (as of 8/28/07).

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Digg - Widescreen

A fluid high readability version designed for wide screen monitors with higher resolution. Larger font, stretched to fill screen, dim and shrink the sidebar, minimize the breadcrumb bar, move the URL to the end and dim, and dim the article toolbar. Sidebar has mouseover and breadcrumb has mouseover. [Updated for new Digg style December 2007] [Updated due to style change on on 6/28/08] [Updated due to style change on on 7/1/09] Gray hard coded inline style? What were you thinking? [Updated to remove fake digg submitions] Great idea digg, too bad I hate all the sponsored companies, and I can only tolerate so much.

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Digg - No Styles

Digg - No Styles (SLK)

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