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Firefox square tabs for win10

This style bring back square tabs, remove the flashy blue border around the urlbar on focus, and make the minimum tab width a lot smaller, to allow more tabs without the scroll arrows. To sum up, it give you a firefox with the windows 10 aesthetic.

Updated: Sep 2, 2015 Installs This Week: 42 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox macOS Sierra

Safari-like style for Firefox 46+ on Mac OS X Important The theme doesn't display properly with Stylish. Try it using the userChrome.css file instead.

Updated: Sep 27, 2016 Installs This Week: 42 Average Rating: N/A
Win10 Edge Style for Firefox 46+

让火狐浏览器贴近Edge浏览器的整体风格。 修改了标签页、地址栏、插件按钮、搜索栏、书签工具栏以及菜单的样式。隐藏了网页安全认证按钮。将阅读模式按钮设为总是可见。 (其中,标签栏样式来自,我基于此源码做了一些修改。)

Updated: May 15, 2016 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: Good
Firefox - Glass Menus

Changes the background of the Firefox menus to Aero transparency. Designed for visibility on both light and dark backgrounds.

Updated: Sep 20, 2011 Installs This Week: 34 Average Rating: N/A
Animated Loading Spinner for Firefox 3 - Loading

Displays a Spinning Animated Firefox Logo (Spinfox) when loading a page in Firefox 3 (About:Blank) Both the Loading New Tab AND the About:blank's background image will be animated. When you open a new tab, it will display this animated image until something from that site is able to be displayed. * Loosely based on XxXAndrewXxX's About:Blank Blue Firefox , and My Custom New Tab Loading Image - Personalized Logo code... Thanks! Features: + Appears when opening new tabs + Appears when loading new tabs content + Appears within loading page contents (a loading div control containing a frame of another site) + Appears when a page transitions to external or new domain + Works in Firefox 3! + Clean and very appropriate animated default image, included with style (Firefox logo Spinning) + Makes your browser look great, and adds that "wow" factor. Additional Information: *NOTE: Please Clear your Cache and Restart your browser after installing or changing this style, your custom image will need to be cached in order for it to

Updated: Jul 7, 2008 Installs This Week: 32 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox Sliding Bookmarks Bar [Mac]

Hides the bookmark bar by default, only appears when hovering over the tabs and the navigation toolbar. (slides down) 2015-08-19 Last Updated / Tested for 40.0.2 Recommended to use with Firefox for Mac - Compact Bookmarks Bar Windows version: Firefox Sliding Bookmarks Bar [Windows] Mac (DevEd) version: Firefox Sliding Bookmarks Bar [Mac - DevEd Dark]

Updated: Aug 19, 2015 Installs This Week: 21 Average Rating: Good
Firefox Australis Dark Dev-Ed

Re-introduces Australis curved tabs to Firefox Developer Edition theme. Requires Firefox Developer Edition dark theme to be installed and enabled. This style is an open-source project, available at

Updated: Sep 24, 2016 Installs This Week: 28 Average Rating: OK
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Pale Moon 27 Address/Status Bar Fix

Fixes the styling of the address bar and status bar options icon/window when using a non-supported theme in Pale Moon 27.

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 Installs This Week: 32 Average Rating: N/A