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Minimal Firefox

Tried to make it as minimal and pretty yet functional as possible. The URLbar will increase its width when it is focused (clicking on it) and will go back to its min-width when it is no longer being focused. This automatically applies when opening a New Tab. Made a youtube video explaining how to make it look like in the reference pictures: For further information, please read Notes.

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About:newtab for 40+

hide newtab-search-container/newtab-intro-what/newtab-customize-button, and ... 隐藏无关元素/美化拨号界面/美化搜索框/缩略图/自动更换壁纸 可能是最完美的新标签页样式了😈 about:newtab for 33+:

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Animated Loading Spinner for Firefox 3 - Loading

Displays a Spinning Animated Firefox Logo (Spinfox) when loading a page in Firefox 3 (About:Blank) Both the Loading New Tab AND the About:blank's background image will be animated. When you open a new tab, it will display this animated image until something from that site is able to be displayed. * Loosely based on XxXAndrewXxX's About:Blank Blue Firefox , and My Custom New Tab Loading Image - Personalized Logo code... Thanks! Features: + Appears when opening new tabs + Appears when loading new tabs content + Appears within loading page contents (a loading div control containing a frame of another site) + Appears when a page transitions to external or new domain + Works in Firefox 3! + Clean and very appropriate animated default image, included with style (Firefox logo Spinning) + Makes your browser look great, and adds that "wow" factor. Additional Information: *NOTE: Please Clear your Cache and Restart your browser after installing or changing this style, your custom image will need to be cached in order for it to

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Sword Art Online Mozilla Home

A Sword Art Online anime home page for Mozilla Firefox. Kirito and Asuna background with custom colored search box and button. Search button logo from Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online logo to replace the default Firefox logo.

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Firefox OS X El Capitan

Theme with a better OS X El Capitan UI integration.

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ESCL energy G_laser about:home

this 1 is to complement the theme on my computer escl energy g_laser§ion=&q=ESCL+energy+G_laser#/d4t4gmn how to just change the about:home background image about:home !!!SELECTABLE IMAGES!!! CHECK IT OUT

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