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Firefox AppButton - Aero Clean

This is a mod of Firefox | App-button whit 48px Firefox Logo by Ziz4rD. I've altered its appearance so that it will work fabulously with Drifus - Firefox project - aero clean. It can be used without Dryfus' theme, though. (Most of the code was left intact for troubleshooting purposes. Feel free to tweak it as needed.) Important!! -- If you're using Drifus - Firefox project - aero clean, comment out the #appmenu-button related code in the Aero Clean style or there may be conflicts. (This is a really simple task.) This style will also work with Pale Moon and other Firefox 4 derivatives.

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Firefox only. Works, see the pic. Goes with my DuckDuckGo ... duckish

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Firefox 4 discreet transparency

> Transparent Tabbar > Transparent Appmenu-button > Transparent Tooltip

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Firefox 4 - In-content (tabbed) Download Manager

Foreword: This style is meant to be used in tangent with Jökulsárlón Download Manager: Jökulsárlón Download Manager allows the default download manager to be inside a tab. This user style simply gives it the same look & feel as the Firefox 4 Add-ons Manager. Many parts of this style are pulled directly from chrome://mozapps/skin/extensions/extensions.css so its license has been included.

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(No screenshot available)
open in new window goes first [Firefox 4]

In Firefox 4 the order of context menu items for a link was changed from "open in new window, open in new tab" to "open in new tab, open in new window". The change was done to promote tabbing, but it is irritating people who were using that menu primarily for opening new windows. And, btw, opening new tabs is much easier with middle-click anyway. This one reverses the order of those to items to make "Open in new Window" go first.

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Firefox 4 - Autohide Navigation Bar Alternative

Automatically hides the navigation bar. When you hover your mouse over the toolbar, the navigation bar is shown floating above the page. If you activate the URL bar directly through keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+T or ALT+D, only the URL bar is displayed. Buttons / anything else on the navigation bar can be displayed by hovering your mouse over the toolbar or over the URL bar. I prefer this version over my old one. Note: -This style was created with tabs on top in mind. This userstyle becomes inactive when tabs on top is disabled. -A version without animation is provided for low end computers. -This style assumes the standard navigation bar size of 28px. If you are using a theme that modifies this, you will have to adjust this style. -This is an alternative to my old style: Firefox 4 - Autohide Navigation Bar The difference is that this new version does not annoyingly shift the layout down when displaying the navigation bar.

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Snow Leopard sidebar

*** This style should work with any theme. *** This style changes the sidebar (bookmark and history) to closely mimic the look of the dock menus in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Complete the Snow Leopard series with these styles: Snow Leopard menus Snow Leopard Awesome Bar Snow Leopard bookmark panel Snow Leopard tooltips Snow Leopard scrollbars Snow Leopard identity panel

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Work-safe mode

Work-safe mode applies a style sheet to the page that turns the page into black text on a white background. It removes background images, makes images almost invisible but more visible on mouse over, and hides all flash, java or other embedded applets. No one looking over your shoulder will be able to recognise the site you are browsing, and it will make fun sites look boring so that you can have fun without annoying your boss.

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