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Transparent Menus Popups (WOW)

Gives you Transparency on all menus, poups and toolbar drop-downs. ** Must be installed along with Rounded Menus Popups (WellRounded) Firefox 3 (WOW) for this style to work!! ** * Thanks to Diago for introducing me into the realm of Transparency with Vista Transparency Theme You can Customize the amount of transparency by editing the Opacity in the code (Closer to 0 is closer to invisible, whereas closer to 1 is closer to fully-visible - EXAMPLE: 0.5 is in the middle of opacity) This makes your menus look really cool. This style supports only Firefox3, giving it even more of a WOW effect!. Applies to: + File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help menus + Navigation Toolbar (example: right clicking on back button) + Main Context Menu (Right clicking on any web page) + Right-Clicking on a tab (rounds the menus) + Right-Clicking on the Location Bar (address bar) + Also Applies to EVERY single menu on any window of a popup or pane Additional Information: + This style has been tested on Multiple Themes!

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Remove dropdown marker

Remove the dropdownmarker from all toolbar buttons.

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Ctrl+Tab Extension - Custom Background (Fx3)

Allows you to Customize the text and background image of Ctrl-Tab Firefox Extension Features: + Background image will be a faded white Firefox logo with shadowing (Fully Customizable) + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background, even when offline! + Background image is static and is centered on the popup. = Optional - Text color of the update details will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) Fonts Supplied (Supported): - Currently, I supplied the following Fonts in the Code: 1. Segoe UI (User Interface of Vista) 2. Calibri (Text of Vista) 3. Verdana (XP Font) 4. Helvetica (XP) 5. Tahoma (XP User Interface Default Font) 6. Arial Global Font Applies to: + Control+Tab Extension (Add-on) + Ctrl+Tab popup + Cmd+tab (Ctrl-tab) Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 Only (FF3). The Control-Tab Addon only works on Firef

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Check For Updates - Colorful Progress Meter

Allows you to change the color of the Check for Updates progress bar * Thanks to ChoGGi for the Gecko - ProgressBar idea! Go to Help/Check for Software Updates, to see this new progress bar Instructions: - Change the #HEX Colors in the code to change the look of your custom progress meter Integrates with Styles: - Custom Check for Software Updates Background - Check for Updates & Import - Custom Image Header Works on: - Firefox 3 - Firefox 2 Changelog: - Initial Release

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Statusbar - size-trimmer

Trim the margin, padding and width of status bar items.

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Compress Separator Between URL Bar and SearchBar

Compresses the grabber/resizer between the URLBar and the Search Bar. Greatly increasing the size of your Awesome Bar. This resize panel allows you to shorten or lengthen the searchbar, but it is a bit big, so this code fixes the problem! Integrates with the Following Styles: + Remove the Search Magnifying Glass (Go) Button + Custom Search Bar Width (Fix the Width) Works only on: -Firefox3 (AwesomeBar is lengthened) Changelog: - Initial Release

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Sidebar - Close Button on Right, Text on Left

Makes Auto Hide SideBar until Hovered Over WOW work even better by placing the Close Button on the Left. ** Only install this style if you have the above style installed!!! ** Features: Close Button is on the Left Text of Website (or Label) is moved to the Right Instructions: 1. Install Auto Hide SideBar until Hovered Over WOW 2. Install This Style 3. Move your mouse over to the right-hand side of screen 4. Slowly move your mouse over towards the Sidebar until the RESIZE icon appears as your mouse icon 5. Resize the sidebar to be as small as you can make it. 6. Enjoy the smallest sidebar when browsing, and when you hover over it, it will become un-compressed! Install this style along with Auto Hide SideBar until Hovered Over WOW Browser Versions: - Works only on Firefox 3 Integrates With Auto Hide SideBar until Hovered Over WOW Changelog: - Initial Release

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MBlue Nav-Buttons XP on Vista

MBlue Nav-Buttons XP on Vista -------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Makes the Back-Forward Buttons like XP buttons, on Vista. Supports both small and large icons. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: -Using this on Vista is completely useless. -Can be used to replace the Back-Forward buttons with the XP buttons when using different Themes. -When using THEMES/EXTENSIONS/STYLES that changes some margins, you may need to change some value manually, if so go to bottom of the page to customize. -------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOMIZING: 1. BACK & FORWARD BUTTONS MARGINS. > GO TO BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO CUSTOMIZE -------------------------------------------------------------------- Integrates with: MBlue Nav-Style (all styles) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: 30.01.2009 Ver. 0.5.0 = added namespace,

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Keyword addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3)

Include Keyword, Location URL, and Description when adding bookmark (Ctrl+D), or with the Firefox 3 bookmark star to add or modify a bookmark. The description will fill in automatically from webpages that include the description META tag, and you can change it to what you want. By including the keyword in your bookmark Name it will show up in a location bar autocomplete search (AwesomeBar) and a bookmark search.  I place the keyword at the beginning of most of my Name/Title line and most of my public keyworded bookmarks are in the "K" folder of my Bookmarks Toolbar to help me remember the keyword assigned.

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Diigolet bookmarklet favicon

This userstyle add the favicon to Diigolet bookmarklet. The Diigolet bookmarklet is a very powerful bookmarklet to annotate, share and bookmark web pages using Diigo a social service like but better. If you would like to have only favicon with no text ("Diigolet"), move the '*/' placed at the end of the code in this line: /* Uncomment the following lines of code for hidding text and show only favicon. Good to save space in your toolbar In "before image" you could see bookmarklet in bookmark toolbar, in "after image" like it appear if you apply the modify explained above (only favicon without text). I have used a dark theme for screenshot, but don't worry the favicon is transparent, it adapt at any background color of your bookmark toolbar.

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