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Firefox 4 Style Back/Forward Navbar Buttons- SMALL

{ { FIREFOX 4/STRATA40 BACK/FORWARD NAVIGATION BUTTONS } } *| PLEASE NOTE |* This userstyle will install *only* the SMALL FF4 Back/Forward Buttons: Here is the link for the LARGE FF4 Back/Forward Buttosn: (I had to split into two separate styles bc the code was apparently too long) >_< ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This userstyle changes the hideous default, (or which ever theme you are using)'s, Back/Forward navigation buttons- yay!- to the Firefox 4/Strata40 ones (see images below). I hate the ugly green default Back/Forward buttons & love the Firefox4/Strata40 ones- and while the Strata40 theme is lovely, it doesn't currently work with Personas (poo on Personas for only working with Default theme) - I want what I want- and what I want is Strata40 Buttons w/ Personas. They are neutral & compliment any Persona Palette, and, plus, are semi-transparent. // As noted

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Firefox 4.0pre8 Tab Width Tweaks

This allows you to have browser.tabs.animate true whilst still having a min and max width for your tabs

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Minefield - Menu Bar Slide In & Ribbon Tweak

Well after fidgeting around and needing to access my menu bar quickly in Minefield, I grew tired of using the ALT key to bring the menu up so I created this for easier use. Just hover over the navbar and it'll come out in a nicely animated sequence; vice versa. It doesn't get any lazier than this :p Note: If there are any issues with the menu bar just hit ALT and it shall revert, also this goes perfect with the default minefield style or the aero one by drifus. Remember kids, you found it here first ;) !

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Firefox UI/Menu Tweaks

Compilation of my personal preferences for the Firefox UI. Intended for moving all navigation items into the File menu bar and hiding the navigation toolbar altogether. Changed to display the Edit menu and the "Copy email address" context entry. Literally just Ffx context-menu: extreme minimalism! , Remove Edit and Help menu and a couple of other userchrome.css tweaks: Hide inactive navigation buttons Hide most top-level menu items Minimize context menu Check out the styles by sethaurus and Gina Trapani.

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Firefox 4 OS X - Stylish

For Firefox 4 on Mac Tested with Firefox 4.0RC2 Changes the Editor Window, the Standalone Styles Manager, the Sidebar Styles Manager, and even the little toolbar icon.

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Tabs in Titlebar in restored window

Show tabs in the title bar even in restored windows. You may need to restore or maximize the window once to apply the style properly. The margins are set based on the Windows 7 Aero theme and may need to be changed. Get more useful tweaks from sdrocking

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Firefox 4-8 - Hidding Addonbar Dark

Glossy dark shortened addon-bar against the right scroll bar. If Windows-Aero isn't used, addon-bar uses default color theme. Hide when inactive. Appear when mouseover. The remaining panels at the bottom of the browser the same style. ****************************** Полупрозрачные нижние панели для тёмного стиля оформления. Если аеро не используется, то панелька принимает дефолтный цвет темы. Аддонбар укорочен и прижат к полосе прокрутки. Если её нет, то висит там, где она была бы )8 Кто знает, как пофиксить, выложите! Аддонбар скрывается за нижний край браузера, оставляя только краешек. Появляется при наведении мыши.

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About:Neterror & About:Privatebrowsing Dark

Recolors neterror and privatebrowsing pages dark Tested in Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:2.0b10pre) Gecko/20110115 Firefox/4.0b10pre ID:20110115030345 both screenshots are "after" screenshots of neterror and privatebrowsing respectively.

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Panorama - Clean and glass

Restyling Panorama: 1. Removing all unnecessary items, such as: the favicons sites, the close button, a new tab button, the group name field, shortcuts AppTabs, the search button and exit from Panorama; 2. Adding transparency to the group; 3. Decrease the font size for headings tabs and shift them to the left. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Рестайлинг Panorama: 1. Удаление всех лишних элементов, таких как: фавиконки сайтов, кнопки закрыти, кнопки создания новой вкладки, поля имени группы, ярлыки прикрепленных вкладок, кнопка поиска и выхода из Panorama; 2. Добавление прозрачности к группам; 3. Уменьшение размера шрифта для заголовков вкладок и смещение их влево.

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Hide Connection Status Display Popup - Fx 4+

For Firefox 4+ and latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds. This hides the connecting, waiting, loading status display messages and link hovered target URLs from showing at bottom of screen, so the Connection Status Display popup flickering won't be annoying. Due to (bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen) and (bug 541656 - Display hyperlink URLs at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar)) Tested on Firefox 4+ and up to latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, Nightly builds. Credit for code goes to: User dosho on: To customize or fix Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds, you can also have a look at my other styles: rob64rock

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