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Silbergraues Logo mit Schwarzem Hintergrund im Vista Ultimate Style Silver-gray logo with black background in Vista Ultimate Style

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Bottombar of AutoHideStatusBar with visible height

This adds to the Bottombar (extension: AutoHideMenubar), with a height more visible. In the Options AutoHideStatusBar is necessary to fix the height of 6 pixels for Bottombar.

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Firefox 3 - Replace Bookmark Star w/Mac OS X Theme

This userstyle allows you to use the bookmark star from the default Mac OS X theme in a theme other than the default. I converted the bookmark star that comes with the default Mac OS X theme into data URIs and wrote this code to override the theme's choice.

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ChangeTabBar ( nasa )

change the tabbar tested for nasa. click at the link below to see the picture make the exit button a big red X. ( Tab: Cute images for close buttons by Roblesolido ) remove the dropdown tab. intergrates with this style: right click at the picture below and click view image to view larger image

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Firefox fix for Shiki-Colors GTK linux theme

This is only meant to be used together with the Shiki-Colors GTK suite of themes for GNOME/Linux. It fixes many minor Firefox 3-related issues that come up when using this theme. Only use this if Linux is your OS and you're using a GTK theme from the Shiki-Colors suite. Try the "Tab Wheel Scroll" Add-On for even more Firefox/GNOME integration! Version 1.0: -Fixes background/text colors in the awesomebar/search bar. -Fixes the background/text colors in bookmark and site identity pop-ups. -Gives the urlbar the same nice looks as Firefox 3.5. -Removes ugly dotted lines from selected tabs. -Supports and themes progressbars from the Fission add-on. -Integrates perfectly with other GTK themes (Can be used non-Shiki themes).

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Tabbed Error Console

Tabs the error console a bit. Now with active tabs!

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Error console tabs (Clearlooks) (beta)

Reverses the eval and section toolbars, and makes the section toolbar buttons look like tabs when selected. I am aware of the inconsistency in px/pt units and will fix it in the next update. Changelog • 0.0.2pre Minor tweaks • 0.0.1 Last unlabeled release @ alphanerd - I have been using this style for quite some time and posted it when I saw yours under New App Styles, to show how I attempted to solve the active tab problem.

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Hide Uppity Toolbar Button When not Needed

Automatically hides the Uppity button based on your current navigation of the page. Features: -If you cannot navigate (move) up, the uppity button is removed (and so is the dropmarker button). * Thanks to SCORPiON and AgentSierra for their Back/Forward hiding styles - Where I got the idea. Gives you a larger area, and more screenspace for your browser... only display when required! Works for both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2. Why install an extension to do this, when you can do it through CSS!? Works great with the Uppity Firefox Extension! Requires you to install Uppity from Addons Mozilla .org Integrates with Hide Back/Forward Buttons When not Needed Changelog: - Initial Release

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Replace Back Is Close Toolbar Button for Firefox 3

Replaces "Back Is Close" button image for Firefox 3 with an 'X' * Thanks entirely to Matteo Palmieri for the Back IS Close 1.4 icon - Replace with close icon. My style is based on this, but works for Firefox 3's Large Icons! Back is Close is an amazing extension, allowing you to close a tab when you hit the back button (when you cannot go back any further). Features: - Red Background circle X, with a White Cross - Removed back is close dropmarker, so the button is circular - Re-positioned the width, so the toolbar button looks good in regular mode, or Small Icon mode - Displays a smaller and better close toolbar button - The image can be easily customized, and the image I used came from Firefox's Chrome! Applies to: - Firefox 3 *Requires the Back Is Close extension, that can be found (in Beta) here: Integrates with Compress PicLens (Cooliris) Toolbar Button. Changelog: + Added rounding to the button, updated After screenshot to match. + Now the bu

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