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About:blank - Fate/stay night

Hi! Here's my first userstyle! I have a mania for Fate/stay night.So I made this style inspired by a wallpaper. The codes are quite simple.After 2 hours of PS,I finished and feel good,so I came here ^_^ Enjoy~

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Navigation/Location Bar BIG Presentation Height

This style has a much larger font on the the Navigation Bar than was used in Navigation/Location Bar Presentation Height (DM*) (10881) which had a font-size 110% of original font. The location bar font-size is 140% of original size and would only be used at or close to a full width window (1024 x 768) strictly for use in presentations so viewers of projected image can see the url easily. Use right-click on Back/Forward button to see drop-down.

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ZB's Bookmark Zoomer (Enlarge Bar Items on Hover)

ZB's Bookmark Zoomer enlarges bookmark bar items when hovered over. By default they are scaled by a factor of 1.5, but you can easily change the value. *Firefox 3.5 Required* This is really just the tip of the iceberg for the newly introduced CSS transform functions. Other effects include rotate, skew, and matrix. Firefox 3.5 FTW! Please let me know if you find any other creative ways to utilize this new functionality. More info on the new -moz-transform property can be found here: ***Note: If clipping occurs, please uncomment the optional code.

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All-Glass v2 Fixes

I installed All-Glass v2 after Firefox 3.5 came out, and promptly disabled it because of the headache-inducing changes from the original Glasser (like the tabs being nearly invisible, Download Statusbar being completely unreadable, and Stumbleupon sitting there in an island of opaqueness. So, despite knowing nothing about CSS, I fixed it. Much love for Kálmán Tarnay's Firefox Vista Aero theme for showing me that it's possible for clear tabs to not suck (and a tiny bit of cribbed code =) ), an unknown Japanese hacker's Firefox Navy Vista theme, and Ambroos for actually getting Glasser to work with 3.5.

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Session restore height change

Changes the new Firefox 3.5 session restore tab (about:sessionrestore) layout slightly. This increases the height of the tabs and windows list slightly so that you can actually see more than just 5 of your restore-able tabs at a time.

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Stop/Reload button + Loading bar: Safari 4 way

This style simulates the Stop, Reload, and Loading bar for Safari 4 which is put into location bar. REQUIRES: 1. userChromeJS extention @ + Sub-Script/XUL Loader (for easier installation) 2. Stop-Reload-Safari4.uc.js script @ 3. Fission extention @ 4. GrApple Yummy theme @ 5. Star button + Location bar: Safari 4 way NOTE: In case Stop/Reload button disappears, try to ADD THEM AGAIN in customize menu and restart Firefox. For EVEN MORE Safari 4 look use Tabs: Safari 4 way. This style is inspired/taken from Smart Stop/Reload/Go Button by David Regev, Smartly show Stop and Reload buttons by Gina Trapani, and Stop Button as Throbber Indicator by LouCypher. Thanks! 2009.07.15: NEW added urlbar fading (when loading) and inactive state. 2009.07.14: Initial release.

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Downloads Manager: Full glass transparency (FF3.5)

Provides FULL aero transparency for downloads window in Vista/7 For Firefox 3.5 and later Update 1: added transparency to scrollbar Update 2: removed white line in the bottom Update 3: - hovered items get background, - transparent search field & "clear list" button (get opaque when hovered), - added transparent borders between list items, - clear list button is hidden when list is empty Update 4: transparent background image (Vista download folder icon) Update 5: Clear list button gets glass background when hover. Update 6: Added more cool hover effects See Downloads Manager: Glass transparency + background for non-transparent downloads list

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Add-ons window - glass transparency (FF3.5)

tried to improve this Add-ons Window - Glasser tested on Win7/FF3.5(ru) Integrates with this styles Update1: removed some shadows to resume perfomance Update2: selected tab is now wider

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New Tab Button - Butterfly icon

Morpho butterfly icons by Adrian Melsha: * Jul 26 2009 Animation effect

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