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4 scrollbar arrows a scrollbar

Displays two arrows at any end of a scrollbar. Two buttons for two directions at every ending of a scrollbar.

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Scrollbar Menu

Add scrollbar to all menus Screenshot:

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Override tab mix progress bar appearance on tabs

Tab Mix Plus puts the progress bar on tabs, but it can be quite ugly looking. This little tweak's transparency lets the tab title show through the progresss bar while it is loading. The background-color is the color of the progress bar. Adjust to suit yourself. Adjust margin-top and margin-bottom to center it on the tab. You can also increase margin-top and margin-bottom (along with using max-height) to create a strike-through effect. The color defined in this style goes very nicely with "Change colors of selected tab" and "Change colors of tabs not selected" which are also posted in my styles section. (I use all these myself)

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Custom style for the about:mozilla Changelog: Feb 28 2008 - updated for The Book of Mozilla 11:9 (10th Edition) - still working on the old book Feb 16 2006 - initial release

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Custom style for about:mozilla

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MenuNuke menu cleaner

What I used to replace MenuEdit; clears separators, disabled menu entries, and most of all clears up the context menu drivel I never needed. I got my start from Zoolcar9's "disabled menu item" script, and have incorporated that here as I added things to it over this week. This is subjective, however, so obviously "remove the removed" if you need those particular items. Special thanks to HHH for helping me remove "Save to Desktop" and "Copy Image" entries on context menu - they were the hardest part! Modified May 2nd for BonEcho 2.0a1: Howver, some separators still showing "padding" though invisible, and for "Languages" I haven't found the right coding but "Languages" is in here (ineffective) and you can tweak and see if you can come up with it . . . . Removal of "Help" and "Go" buttons but believe that's best left to a separate script people can elect to use or not use.

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Slim down Firefox GUI

Updated, should work/look better with new Firefox 2 Beta (And i should say, only tested on Windows) This will reduce your GUI size for Firefox - (Small Statusbar is included) Easy to make your own changes to! (You should Right-Click on Toolbar and Customize to use Small Icons)

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Dark Theme Setup

If you use the Default Theme, when you change your OS theme through Windowblinds or Visual styles, you have to edit the settings for your Firefox if you have custom colors anywhere in it. This allows you to change all of that without editing your userchrome each time when you have a Dark Theme. Change the colors to your choice for your desired end effect.

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Inactive Tabs Are Less Visible

Make the inactive tabs less visible Edit May 07 2006: pile0nades made a very good point so based on is idea I modified/added the style to fade only the text and the icon and not the frame of the tab. I left the previous version in case someone thinks that fading the entire tab is better.

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Show Full Titles on Bookmarks

Copy and pasted straight from the Bookmarks' Full Titles extension, so all credit goes to it (even though its author originally got the code from somewhere else as well, you get the idea). I just posted it here so it would be available readily without an extension, and since I noticed apparently nobody bothered posting it before, for whatever reason (it showing up in my updates feed for AMO for whatever reason made me check for some reason). This makes the bookmarks sub-folders expand to show the full titles of bookmarks, usually mainly useful for live bookmarks that use full headline titles and such. For reasons having to do with sub-menus, the top-level Bookmarks menu is set to be allowed to expand wider than normal, but not to fit anything no matter how wide, as the sub-menus are.

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