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About:PrivateBrowsing - Custom Mask Background 3.5

Makes About:PrivateBrowsing display a background image of your choice. About Private Browsing is the new Firefox 3.1 start page, which appears when you enable privatebrowsing mode. The background will be a stylish mask, which fits perfectly with the new mask icon logo Mozilla has made. * Thanks to LouCypher for helping me out with Klaatu barada nikto! Features: + Appears on about:privatebrowsing (when you check this mode’s checkbox on) + Mask background image (transparent and faded) allows text to be easily read + Fully customizable style, for your own enjoyment Additional Information: You must grab a copy of Firefox 3.5, codenamed Shiretoko or MineField (or higher) for this to work Firefox Browser Versions: + This style works on Firefox 3.5+ Only Instructions: In the CSS, change the “data:image….” text I provided to the image you wish to display You may also change the background HEX color to match your image. The background color of text in this style has not been chan

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About:Blank Google Star Tile

About:Blank with Star Tile picture of Google Gmail Planets Theme as background.

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About:blank - Predator Dark

About:blank page with black background and predator image, plus about:blank text. ** Users will need to uncomment the image they wish to use, hosted on image shack. WHY? The image worked in base64 but created more characters then allows in any given style (65536 character limit *or there abouts*). You can always convert the images yourself if you like the style.

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bookmarks toolbar less intrusive

This style makes the toolbar less intrusive by fading the default text to grey. Hovering the item will make it black again. For hiding the favicons see 5438. For the gradient background see 11874.

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Fx3 - Bookmarks Sidebar Gray Folder

Change Folder of Bookmarks Sidebar. ≫ Black Folder :

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Choose Helper Application - Save File Background

Allows you to Customize the text and background image of the Save File - Other - Choose Helper Application popup prompt. Features: + Background image will be a faded Firefox logo with shadowing + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background without loading an image from a website + Background image is static and is centered on the window. = Optional - Text size of the update details will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) Fonts Supplied (Supported): - Currently, I supplied the following Fonts in the Code: 1. Segoe UI (User Interface of Vista) 2. Calibri (Text of Vista) 3. Verdana (XP Font) 4. Helvetica (XP) 5. Tahoma (XP User Interface Default Font) 6. Arial Global Font Applies to: + Downloading Files popup Opening file prompt + Choose where to save + Save File or Open With + Choose an other program from a file lis

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Tabs - Link style

Based on Tab: Appearance of hyperlink for unread tabs by Roblesolido. Besides making unread tab titles look like "unvisited" links (blue), makes read tab titles look like "visited" links (purple). Current tab title remains in plain text. When cursor is over links, it becomes system default hand and links are underlined. When over either tab icon or tab close button, it remains default arrow. See also Tabs close button - Show when mouse over tab only, Tabs, "All tabs" and "Scroll tabs" buttons - Flat and Tabs - Link style + show close when hover + flat.

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Firefox Vista Aero(including tabs) Theme

THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FIREFOX 3.5. If you are using Firefox 3.5, than check out Aero Theme for Firefox 3.5. This is based on: Full res screenshot here: I didn't really test it... (It might eat your cat... etc...) I guess it requires the following at the moment: - Glasser ( ) - and maybe(I think it should work without it) Hide Menubar ( - set "browser.tabs.autoHide" to false - and you can have no extra toolbars - (Aero looks quite bad maximized, install vistaglazz to make it look good) ( ) It is possible that a browser restart is needed after applying the style for the Aero effect to work properly... Give me some feedback pls :) UPDATE: findbar and downloadbar fix (kind of)

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