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Firefox 6 - Dark'n Blue Transparent Theme

Dark'n Blue Theme for Firefox 6 Include : Firefox 6 - Transparent Navbar buttons - Firefox 6 - Transparent URL and Searchbar -

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Find Bar - like Google Chrome

Moves the Find bar to the top right with a style like Google Chrome

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Disable tab overflow (use addon instead)

Users are requested to use this restartless addon instead >> Firefox Bug 597564 ( aims to reduce min-width but may never be fixed. Get more useful tweaks from sdrocking

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default theme minimal buttons(Classic Style)

Minimize spaces for Menu bar and Navigation toolbar. Not compatible with hiding Menu bar on Firefox4+.

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*** ADDED FLAT OR SHADOW OPTION *** Select your desired style with the options below. ~~~ REGARDING SIZE CHANGES ~~~ If you wish the download bars to be bigger or smaller please use the options in download status bar itself, changing the size options will not affect the layout or colours of the bars. :) Please keep the feedback coming. This is a great new style for download statusbar which looks great in Firefox 4 and goes well with the default theme, it removes the word buttons and replaces with nicer icon buttons. Also stylises the download bars themselves to make them much nicer looking. Further it adds a glass tooltip instead of the default yellow one. Finally colour codes download status for improved interface. This is an amalgamation of a few different styles, thanks go out to: * Firefox 4 OS X - Download Statusbar * Download Statusbar - move buttons / add icons * Download Statusbar Tooltip AERO RELOADED All helped to make this style possible.

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Add-on Bar - Auto Hide

This User Style Auto Hides the Add-on Bar in Firefox (tested on FF4). The Add-on Bar pops-up on mouse hover so it behaves like a dock! It has transition effects so it slides up & down. Thanks to Paenglab for help with the code. The margins are perfect for LavaFox and BlackFox themes but it should work with any theme, fine tuning of the margins can be done here: #addon-bar { margin-bottom: -21px; Enjoy!

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New Tab button as Home Tab - Fx 4+

For Firefox 4+ and latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds. It replaces the "New Tab" button icon(When it's Not Attached to Last Tab) with the "Homepage" button icon making it look like the feature mockup of the Firefox 4 "Home Tab" Project which didn't make it into Firefox 4. Directions for "New Tab" button Placement: Right click any toolbar button, select "Customize...", then Drag/drop the "New Tab" button from the right-side of the tab bar to left-side. How to make "New Tab" button load your "Homepage": Use [Ext] New Tab Homepage: Or use [Ext] Tab Mix Plus: *** [Ext] Tab Mix Plus Options settings *** Events -> New Tabs -> Load on new tabs -> Home Page Display -> Tab Bar -> New tab button -> on Left side Tested on Firefox 4+ and up to the latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, Nightly builds. Modified code from: Tss Firefox Linux - Tab bar buttons as tabs

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Firefox 4 - Autohide Navigation Bar Alternative

Automatically hides the navigation bar. When you hover your mouse over the toolbar, the navigation bar is shown floating above the page. If you activate the URL bar directly through keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+T or ALT+D, only the URL bar is displayed. Buttons / anything else on the navigation bar can be displayed by hovering your mouse over the toolbar or over the URL bar. I prefer this version over my old one. Note: -This style was created with tabs on top in mind. This userstyle becomes inactive when tabs on top is disabled. -A version without animation is provided for low end computers. -This style assumes the standard navigation bar size of 28px. If you are using a theme that modifies this, you will have to adjust this style. -This is an alternative to my old style: Firefox 4 - Autohide Navigation Bar The difference is that this new version does not annoyingly shift the layout down when displaying the navigation bar.

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Snow Leopard sidebar

*** This style should work with any theme. *** This style changes the sidebar (bookmark and history) to closely mimic the look of the dock menus in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Complete the Snow Leopard series with these styles: Snow Leopard menus Snow Leopard Awesome Bar Snow Leopard bookmark panel Snow Leopard tooltips Snow Leopard scrollbars Snow Leopard identity panel

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