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Plain Tabs

Discarded the whole FF2.0 look to tabs and went with a button style that matches the color of the Toolbars. A very low impact, and conforming look to it. Work in Progress: first version 04 Jan 2007.

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Firefox: Dark Style

This style makes your Firefox dark. It only works as expected on Firefox 2, with Firefox (default) theme. Tested with Firefox version 3.0a1 and worked. Also works on Firefox version 3.0a2pre 20070101. Note: that this style does not work on Linux. This style also works with Download Statusbar extension. Selected tab is in red color, while unselected tabs are in dark blue color. When you hover on a toolbar button or an unselected tab, your mouse cursor will be the pointing one.

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Bookmark Folder Icons

This is a working example of how you can add an icon to a bookmark folder... This also works with folders placed on the bookmark toolbar as well as in the menu.... Below are just two examples i made and using...I'm sure someone can come up with a big image of icons and rectangle them off into smaller bits...Ok something to take notes on. Where it says Label=Yahoo well that is the specific name of the folder that the icon will be used on... Take note of when i say specific the name of the folder and the label=Yahoo cannot be different. they have to be the exact same case... If they are different the icon will not show... Also if you have a bookmark that has no default icon with it, and if it contains the exact name as a folder with an icon it will use the same icon.

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About:Blank Little Firefox

Background: White / Bottom Right Aligned. Image: by Shari Hes [] (not confirmed.. found whilst browsing... so i take no credit for the image) Some other people have been having problems with my other one's, so if you have an issue please post. thanks ~to nLITEn The theme i used is called "vista black 1.0". just give it a google.. should be the first result :) and i fixed what you said. sorry about that... also sorry about the looong delay, i haven't been on for awhile. >.<

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Change firefox folder and page style (KDE)

With this code you can take the KDE style in folder and page icons on your bookmark toolbar. For people that dont know why there is so many numbers and letters in the code, it's just for base64 code of the image, thought it can be done putting the path to the image itself in yr local HD. 14-07-08 Removed selected folder change icon for better performance

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Adblock Plus - show text instead of icon

This will make Adblock Plus display the text "Adblock" instead of an icon in the status bar (like old Adblock did).

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About:blank Foxkeh - Front

For all you Foxkeh lovers out there! This is just a simple Foxkeh about:blank style I've made. The background color is a dark red color, and it shows a large picture of Foxkeh on the right-hand side of the screen. UPDATE: Converted the image to a base64 URI format -- Foxkeh didn't want to load all the time before. Also a new image. :D EDIT: If Foxkeh doesn't want to load up when you first loaded up your Firefox, close the browser and re-open it, Foxkeh should then reappear. Foxkeh is (c) by

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About:Blank Firefox

make your blank background with a fox base on the sytle "About:Blank Blue Firefox" thanks go to XxXAndrewXxX

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paintless - proper about:blank

about:blank version 0.1.1 --[description] Default window manager "3D Object" surface color, on the about:blank background. Quite blank, really. Thanks to ptmb for showing the cross-platform way to do this. In my version 0.1.0 I had used the "windows default grey" color. Side note: Placing images or odd colors (magenta or yellow, for instance) in about:blank is a terrible idea. about:blank is used in many other places in FireFox, where you wouldn't expect. I've also seen plenty of stupid websites end up with it in their page content. IFrames, for instance. And it's a Cross Site Scripting risk if you put real content in about:blank. I've placed proof of the above statement in the Before Screenshot, and briefly document it here: --[series] The "paintless" series is a collection of styles meant to be styled over. Alone, they clean the target page(s), prepar

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