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BasilMarket Tweak - Center Menu

BasilMarket Tweak - Center Menu *************************************************************** The Tweak *************************************************************** • Centers the menu tabs and submenu links ******************************************************************************************* View my Other BasilMarket Themes/Tweaks on my userpage here: Dumbfugi *******************************************************************************************

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Q9R42 pink

Preview: based on the dark style. (Yes, i asked if i could, and yes, this is the credits that i give him. Thanks for letting me use it (Writing from scratch is just annoying)) Only addition that the dark style dont have is the monsters in the monster data base has correct backgrounds and so on.. Found the other pink and purple styles to be lame.. Not that this one is much better anyways.. But oh wells, enjoy. It's girly, so for all you manly guys out there, be warned >_> It's a little thrown careless code all over this, and it's also a little flawed a little here and there, so consider it v1.0 i guess.. Not that a version definition is very nessesary, but oh wells n-n Give me some feedback if you happen to use it xD

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Basilmarket: Simpleton [updated]

cool stuffs *NOTE* disable it to view all input areas on the sign-up page

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