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about:home Jaac 2

Tired of seeing blank Firefox home page, becareful with the zombies zone.

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Firefox Home+Newtab Semi-transparent Your Wallpape

Firefox homepage and Firefox newtab (speed dial) with a semi-transparent style and resize sspeed dial thumbnails. You can set your own wallpapers (one for home and another one for newtab) This style can be used with dark wallpapers or clear wallpapers. Enjoy.

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about:home animated Waterfall

Firefox only, Vista. Works, see the pic (it's actually an animated waterfall). A cursor is included (will change when i'll find better graphics). If you don't like it, delete or comment the last block. Buttons show on butterflies hover: My other 'abouts': The Cave, about:home Pond, the original plain dark, all about: pages dark, about:Firefox. For more, just click on my name.

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BM Firefox UI

Bm themes are Black Minimalist themes which aim to "flush away" all the extra crap that clogs up your screen and provide a nice truly dark theme. THIS THEME IS MADE TO BE USED WITH THE FIREFOX THEME "DARK CARBON"!!! Based on the style by Niklasg, his style was not as dark as I like things and this covers more pages. Effects: Firefox url bar (recolors and removes auto-suggest, if you don't like that just delete line 1 or lines 1-5) about:newtab about:Privaterowsing about:config about:preferences about:addons (made to be used with "Cleanest Addon Manager" addon set to "Minimal Adaptive" in options. ) about:sessionrestore Most about: pages Bamboo Feed Reader addon if installed (use with midnight theme) Tidies up youtube spam (Delete everything after the last 5 spaces at the bottom if you prefer bloated youtube)

Updated: Feb 6, 2016 Installs This Week: 15 Average Rating: Good
Australis 2.0 [Developer Edition - Dark]

A Firefox userstyle that makes minor theme changes throughout the UI using the Mozilla's Australis design guidelines for consistency. This is a fork of Blinky's "Firefox Australis Windows 8 Appearance" ( All credit goes to him first! This theme is only optimized for Windows, specifically the Developer Edition build (DARK ONLY). Restart the browser to see complete changes. Light theme coming soon. Other styles created: Australis 2.0 Australis 2.0 [Android Edition] TBA

Updated: Nov 1, 2016 Installs This Week: 15 Average Rating: Good
Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency

Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency **Note** this style needs a complete overhaul, so I will do so when I get the chance. Created by modifying and tweaking code from these original themes: -Dark Gmail (New Gmail) by srazzano -painted black - google + gmail (Nov2007) (ALL) theme by whatrevolution

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Windows 10 Dark Firefox

Fix the userChrome (remove white in title bar) in Firefox for Windows10.

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mDrifus - Firefox Aero Glass Project

mDrifus - Firefox aero glass project - modded by Rist Original autor - Drifus - . Tested on Firefox 36.0.3 !!Only works with Classic Theme Restorer : !!My CTR settings : (download go addons CTR options > settings > import pref. txt) !!! if your all pages is in Aero(transparent) then select "About:blank aka new tab Aero" - "No" !! :) placeholder picture :

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Windows Edge - Light Firefox Theme

Inspired by the Windows 10 new browser, also the first light theme I've made, basically just a light version of Moko. ~ I used this method to make the url all the same color. ~ I recommend not using the titlebar option (in Customize) and then use AHK to hide the titlebar/window buttons.

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Thunderbird Dark

Dark theme for Thunderbirds main UI. If you have any issues with this style, please open a ticket at

Updated: Oct 12, 2015 Installs This Week: 21 Average Rating: OK