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Firefox OSX Mac Bookmark Folder Icons

Replaces the old folder and smart folder icons with updated El Capitan icons. Works on OS X, Windows and GNU/Linux

Updated: Mar 22, 2016 Installs This Week: 18 Average Rating: Good
Minimal Firefox

Check out the next evolution of this userstyle: Ultra Minimal Firefox -------------------------------------- Tried to make it as minimal and pretty yet functional as possible. The URLbar will increase its width when it is focused (clicking on it) and will go back to its min-width when it is no longer being focused. This automatically applies when opening a New Tab. Made a youtube video explaining how to make it look like in the reference pictures: For further information, please read Notes.

Updated: Aug 26, 2015 Installs This Week: 26 Average Rating: N/A
theme - Nightly Fox

a theme for Mozilla firefox Complete theme: Nightly Fox Other styles: - about:home - Nightly Fox - about:newtab - Nightly Fox Settings:

Updated: Aug 8, 2015 Installs This Week: 17 Average Rating: Good
Firefox - Glass Menus

Changes the background of the Firefox menus to Aero transparency. Designed for visibility on both light and dark backgrounds.

Updated: Sep 20, 2011 Installs This Week: 25 Average Rating: N/A
Scrollbar: Milk Drop

Pure CSS scrollbar for firefox (xul namespace).

Updated: Jun 9, 2013 Installs This Week: 16 Average Rating: Good
Square Tab for Firefox Australis

Square Tabs/Classic Tabs for Firefox Australis! Based on heart.ripper's Firefox Metro for Australis (

Updated: Sep 23, 2015 Installs This Week: 16 Average Rating: Good
About:Home Blue Sky

a Firefox Startpage

Updated: Aug 12, 2013 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: N/A
about:darkness (firefox Mod)

Firefox about page in darkness Style available on this abouts... about: about:about about:accounts about:addons about:blocked about:blank about:buildconfig about:cache about:config about:crashes about:credits about:downloads about:neterror about:healthreport about:home about:license about:memory about:mozilla about:networking about:newtab about:permissions about:plugins about:preferences about:privatebrowsing about:rights about:robots about:sessionrestore about:support about:sync-log about:sync-progress about:sync-tabs about:telemetry about:webrtc about:welcomeback Not finished on about:serviceworkers about:cache about:cache?device=disk about:cache?device=memory about:cache?device=offline No style for about:app-manager, moving to WebIDE by Mozilla about:customizing

Updated: Jan 27, 2016 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox square tabs for win10

This style bring back square tabs, remove the flashy blue border around the urlbar on focus, and make the minimum tab width a lot smaller, to allow more tabs without the scroll arrows. To sum up, it give you a firefox with the windows 10 aesthetic.

Updated: Sep 2, 2015 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: N/A