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Firefox square tabs for win10

This style bring back square tabs, remove the flashy blue border around the urlbar on focus, and make the minimum tab width a lot smaller, to allow more tabs without the scroll arrows. To sum up, it give you a firefox with the windows 10 aesthetic.

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Flattastic Light for Firefox

This theme causes Firefox to generally blend in with other applications when one of the GTK themes "Flattastic ____ Light" is applied. Since the GTK Native extension stopped working on Firefox 29, integration with my desktop has been poor; this style improves matters. The Blue option also integrates passably well with the stock Adwaita GTK theme.

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Australis menu List view

A list view for Australis Panel Menu. Known issues : - SDK icons look weird

Updated: May 3, 2014 Installs This Week: 26 Average Rating: OK
Menus and tooltips - Black Mica - Australis

Firefox only. Works, see the pic. Transparent menus, tooltips, urlbar notifications, etc. Goes with my Customize palette tab - transparent - Australis The long menus (like bookmarks) have a scrollbar. You can set the height to fit your setup, look for /* === scroll */

Updated: Nov 25, 2015 Installs This Week: 17 Average Rating: Good
Colorful tabs for windows 10

将win10上的firefox标题栏变为彩色,完美处理右上角三个按钮的问题。 Make titlebar of Firefox colorful for windows 10, deals with buttons on top right corner properly. 感谢Fire_Marshall帮助解决关闭按钮问题 Thanks Fire_Marshall for solving the problem of closing button. 现加入移除未签名扩展的警告的功能 Now have the feature of removing warning of not signed extensions. 此样式仅在系统与firefox均为100% DPI下测试通过,其他DPI不匹配的设置可能出现严重的右上角三个按钮错位问题,请慎重使用! This style have only be tested under 100%DPI, all other DPI may cause severe problem of titlebarbuttons on the top right corner, please use with care!

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Nightly 14 about:home Soft Dark

Included in Firefox Nighly 14 soft dark

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Hide Firefox Fullscreen Warning

Remove/delete/eliminate/rid: ... is now fullscreen. Press ESC at any time to exit.

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about:newtab - Nightly Fox

a about:newtab page for Mozilla Firefox Complete theme: Nightly Fox Other styles: - theme - Nightly Fox - about:home - Nightly Fox Settings:

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