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Headerbar style for GNOME 3.16+

Check this short tutorial for list of extensions and screenshots. You can also report bugs and send me suggestions there, it's GitHub! Headerbar style for GNOME 3.14-: GNOME styled menu List view:

Updated: Jun 10, 2015 Installs This Week: 52 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox Addons Manager

about:addons – clean & compact Mostly inspired by Cleanest Addon Manager. Also Firefox: Awesome Addons Manager for the 'User Styles' category. The addon manager is in dire need of a facelift, but until Mozilla addresses this "issue", css styles will have to do..

Updated: Jun 21, 2015 Installs This Week: 34 Average Rating: Good
Stylish Custom Add-on dark theme

A dark theme for Stylish Custom 1.5.1, addon companion to Stylish 1.4.3 for Firefox browsers

Updated: Nov 5, 2014 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: Good
about:newtab - Nightly Fox

a about:newtab page for Mozilla Firefox Complete theme: Nightly Fox Other styles: - theme - Nightly Fox - about:home - Nightly Fox Settings:

Updated: Jul 22, 2015 Installs This Week: 50 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox Sliding Bookmarks Bar [Windows]

Hides bookmarks bar by default for more browsing space. Hover cursor over the navbar to slide out the bookmarks bar. Alternatively, press Alt key to show both traditional menu bar along with the bookmarks bar. Mac version link: Firefox Sliding Bookmarks Bar [Mac]

Updated: Nov 22, 2014 Installs This Week: 49 Average Rating: OK
Firefox 29+ Left reload button

This user style puts the refresh button at the left side of the URL bar, instead of the right side button that was introduced in FF 29.

Updated: May 4, 2014 Installs This Week: 32 Average Rating: Good
Yet Another Transparent Firefox Theme

Very Firefox, such transparent. Wow. Works well on both light and dark backgrounds! (Windows Vista or Windows 7 required) UPDATED to work on new versions of Firefox!

Updated: Sep 20, 2014 Installs This Week: 46 Average Rating: N/A
about:home - Ancient Clock

Ancient clock image applies to the Firefox "about:home" page with Mozilla logo and snippet ads suppressed. Launcher buttons are revealed by hovering over the bottom of the image. The style also sets "about:blank" to same background image to minimize the potential "white flash" at start-up.

Updated: Dec 29, 2014 Installs This Week: 45 Average Rating: N/A