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about:home animated Waterfall

Firefox only, Vista. Works, see the pic (it's actually an animated waterfall). A cursor is included (will change when i'll find better graphics). If you don't like it, delete or comment the last block. Buttons show on butterflies hover: My other 'abouts': The Cave, the original plain dark, all about: pages dark, about:Firefox. For more, just click on my name.

Updated: Mar 25, 2015 Installs This Week: 92 Average Rating: N/A
about:home the Cave

about:home Firefox only. Works, see the pic. IMPORTANT! Had to delete the Cave image due to the copyrights. Sorry, folks! Feel free to use an image of your choice - just create a new style with your image so that it won't get wiped out when this styles gets updated. Use this block in your personal style, insert a path to your image like so: @-moz-document url("about:Home"), url("about:home") { html { -moz-appearance: none !important; background: #000 url(PATH TO YOUR IMAGE HERE) no-repeat fixed center !important; background-size: cover !important; } } If you need help with this, click the new Discussion link below and i will help (no rating needed in this case) The links are hidden, hover the spiral below the search bar to see them. It changes tab favicon as well. If you don't want it, comment it at the top (and UNcomment this line: @namespace url(; or delete the coordinating block) The same ... but different: about:home animated Waterfall

Updated: Mar 25, 2015 Installs This Week: 57 Average Rating: Good
html floating scrollbars for FT DeepDark

Userstyle specially made to turn my FT Deepdark theme(s) opaque scrollbars, on html pages, into translucent floating one.

Updated: Jan 25, 2014 Installs This Week: 85 Average Rating: N/A
Aerofox Transparent

Tired of never seeing your desktop background because your browser is always open and maximized? Try this. Based on "Discreet Transparency" by Satoz and "About:Blank Glass" by foxxyn8, which I combined and built upon to create a minimalistic style close to the classic Firefox, but totally transparent, in the spirit of Windows 7 Aero. If you installed this style, please take the time to review it and leave your feedback.

Updated: Jun 19, 2013 Installs This Week: 36 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox: Minimal Elegance Theme, transparency

My new theme called Minimal Elegance for new Firefox. It's a transparent theme for firefox with minimalistic style. You can see it on screenshot. !!!!IMPORTANT!!! For effect us is in screenshot you need Stratiform addon. Stratiform - !!!!IMPORTANT!!! and if you want bookmarks buttons on right of screenshot download: Google shortcuts - Enjoy this theme ;)

Updated: Mar 14, 2012 Installs This Week: 52 Average Rating: N/A
Yet Another Transparent Firefox Theme

Very Firefox, such transparent. Wow. Works well on both light and dark backgrounds! (Windows Vista or Windows 7 required) UPDATED to work on new versions of Firefox!

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about:home - LavaFox & BlackFox - Orion's Belt

about:home styled for LavaFox & BlackFox Firefox Themes with Orion's Belt image (with matching colors to the theme's color)

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FT DeepDark custom "about Firefox" popup

Userstyle created to make FT DeepDark's "about Firefox" popup to match with the rest of the theme and also to be in the same style as TT DeepDark's "about Thunderbird" one.

Updated: Jan 6, 2014 Installs This Week: 69 Average Rating: N/A