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Hide Site Identity Button if URL Bar is Focused

Automatically Hides the Site Identity Button when the Location Bar has Focus. Allows you to type longer URLs, Look at a longer AwesomeBar drop down, or see a longer url. Features: + Web site security button will hide when the Location Bar (Address Bar) has Focus. Examples of Functionality: - Looking at a web page (Site Identity Button will SHOW) - Hovering over Awesome Bar (Site Identity Button will SHOW) - Clicking on the Site Identity button (Site Identity Button will continue to SHOW) - Clicking on AwesomeBar (Site Identity Button will HIDE) - Ctrl+L (Site Identity Button will HIDE) The Site Identity Button icon displays the Favicon of the current site, and when clicked, it brings up Firefox's new Passport Information. This gives you advanced information about a website, and if any security breaches are occuring. Allows you to type in longer URLs without all the bells and whistles. (works similar to the extension LocationBar ^2) Integrates with the followin

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Hide Search and Clear Toolbar on Downloads Window

This hides the Clear and Search buttons from the Downloads List. Gives you larger area to scroll your downloads, but you lose the ability to search and to clear the list (yes, it's only useful for a small % of the population.) Browser Versions: - Works only on Firefox 3 ** Not to be used in conjunction with Hide Clear Downloads Button If You Cannot Click It ** Future Releases: + I plan to release an update to this style that will Show the Clear and Search toolbar when you hover towards the bottom of the Downloads Window. Changelog: - Initial Release

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Foxiewire Bookmarklet Favicon

This style add the favicon to Foxiewire bookmarklet. The standard favicon for bookmarklet in bookmark toolbar is not very nice. If you want to remove thetxt ("Foxiewire"), you can uncomment the second part of the code.

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Vista Black for Firefox 3 -Ruby- v1.6

Rebuilt version of ~Internauta2000s Vista Black Theme for Firefox 3.0. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sapphire: Ruby: Anthracite: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ v1.6 (07-22-2008): Properly removed the URLbars' Go-button / New Bookmark icon as requested from several users / fixed some margins v1.5e (07-14-2008): Ruby theme for Vista Black. Screenshot (full):

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Custom View Cookies Manager Background

Allows you to Customize the text and background image of the Cookies Manager. Features: + Background image will be a faded Firefox logo with shadowing + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background, even when offline! + Background image is static and is centered on the window. = Optional - Text size of the popup will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) Fonts Supplied (Supported): - Currently, I supplied the following Fonts in the Code: 1. Segoe UI (User Interface of Vista) 2. Calibri (Text of Vista) 3. Verdana (XP Font) 4. Helvetica (XP) 5. Tahoma (XP User Interface Default Font) 6. Arial Global Font Applies to: + Cookie Storage + Cookie Manager Page + View Saved Cookies Window Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 - Works on Firefox 2 Additional Information: + Feel free to edit the CSS. You can customize th

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Tab Scope - Hide Buttons you Can't Click

Automatically hides Tab Scope buttons based on your current navigation of the page. Features: + If you cannot move back, the back button is removed. + If you can't move forward, the foreward button is hidden. + If you can't stop navigation , the stop button is hidden. + If you are on a new tab or window, BOTH buttons are removed! Gives you a larger area, and more screenspace for your browser...They only display when required! Works for both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2. Unified Back/Forward/Stop buttons that only appear when you need them (nothing to go to). Visually notifies you if you have a page to navigate to by enabling the button! **Must have the Tab Scope Extension installed** Integrates with Hide Back/Forward Buttons When not Needed. Integrates with Tab Scope - Stop Button as Throbber Indicator. Changelog: - Initial Release

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Extensions Manager - Hide Compatibility Warning

Hides the "Compatibility Warning" from showing on the Extensions (Addons) Manager. The warning reads: "Add-on compatibility checking is disabled. You may have incompatible add-ons." and shows up when you use Extensions such as Nightly Tester Tools or Mr Tech Toolkit. Additional Information: - This style only hides the compatability warning. All other Extensions List warnings WILL still show up (such as restarting your browser ...) Browser Versions: + Works on Firefox3 (Developed specifically for Firefox 3) + Works on Firefox2 Integrates with Center the Add-ons (Extensions) Tab Buttons Additional Information: This Style has been tested on multiple Firefox Themes, and has worked perfectly on each. Changelog: + Added an Author: row to the style's description... For some reason I forgot to add it.

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Transparent Tooltips - Global - Firefox 3 (WOW)

Gives you Transparency on all Tooltips (Global style). ** Must be installed along with Rounded Tooltips (WellRounded) - Global (WOW) for this style to work!! ** * Thanks to for introducing me into the realm of Transparency with tooltip transparent You can Customize the amount of transparency by editing the Opacity in the code (Closer to 0 is closer to invisible, whereas closer to 1 is closer to fully-visible - EXAMPLE: 0.5 is in the middle of opacity) This makes your tooltips look really cool. This style supports only Firefox3, giving it even more of a WOW effect!. Applies to: + Navigation Toolbar (Hover over button) + Hovering on a tab (tooltip will have radius) + Also Applies to EVERY single item on any web page (Hover over a link) Additional Information: + This style has been tested on Multiple Themes! Including NASA Night Launch, NASA Normal, and the Default Firefox 3 Theme. It has rounded perfectly on each. Feel free to customize the transparency level (described above) ... no reposting mods though!

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Topgang2008/Vista Black for Firefox 3

Vista Firefox igual ao famoso e mais bonito sistema Vista.~edit by topgang2008~só instalar o firefox e clicar no plugin abaixo e pronto seu firefox fica igual visual do vista , espero que gostem .

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Statusbar - size-trimmer

Trim the margin, padding and width of status bar items.

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