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Add to Bookmarks - Custom Background

Add to Bookmarks popup will have a Custom Background. ** Extreme thanks to gialloporpora for Add to bookmarks Plus, upon which this is based, supported, and an addon for! The Add to Bookmarks Popup appears when you click the Bookmark Star on the Awesome Bar, just to the right of the Awesome Bar. This dialog also appears if you press the key combination Ctrl+D (Command+D on mac) The popup allows you to assign a tag, keyword, title, and description of the new bookmark, also allowing you to remove it. Features: + Background of the popup will be a Custom faded Firefox logo, and white background (easily customizable) + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background, even when offline! + Background image is static and is centered on the window. = Optional - Text size of the update details will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) Fonts Supplied (Sup

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Firefox 3.5 - Stylish 0.5.9 - Interface

Manager in Schwarz Manager with black background Originalansicht Original view

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pink anime new tab image

its a pink new tab image thats anime of a girl, i made this for a friend

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MBlue Hide Nav-Buttons Vista

MBlue Hide Nav-Buttons Vista -------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: 1. Hide the Stop & Reload Buttons when disabled. 2. Redesigns the buttons. 3. Gives the Vista style to the Nav-Buttons on XP too. 4. Supports both small and large icons. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes: -Using other Styles/Extensions/Themes may change some margin/border settings, making the buttons not aligned. If so, try not using other styles that changes margins in the toolbar, and use the default firefox theme. -This style doesn't work together with the "Combine Nav-Buttons" styles. -I made this on request and under suggestions by "crash". The original style idea comes from AgentSierra ( Hide disabled Forward / Back buttons ). -------------------------------------------------------------------- Supported Extensions: --- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Integrates with: All the "Nav-Style" styles

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Tweaked Noia Theme for Firefox 3

Based on this Style - Few tweaks to look nice on the Noia Theme by kasteo (deviantart) 08-25-2008 Update - Removed background color while loading page and fixed tab reloading background. 09-18-2008 Update - URL Bar selection visually empty fixed

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Tab bar - fade inactive, mark active

I use this style together with Chroma Tabs ( to fade the inactive tabs, and highlight the active tab with a 3px solid. Usually I think the normal highlighting is enough, but with Chroma Tabs it is much harder to spot the active tab. Based on Inactive Tabs Are Less Visible by ariel

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Fx4: Tabs stylish rounded.

This changes the appearance of the tabs with beautiful rounded corners. Compatible: Firefox 4.0+

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AutoPager - Visual Alert if Disabled

Animates the Statusbar when you disable the AutoPager extension. Works only for Firefox 3 Features: + Animated background of the Status Bar when the Auto Pager Extension's status is Disabled + The animation will cycle through Red, then Yellow, then Orange. This is done in a slow manner, not to be too distracting to the user. + More flashy to the eyes, notifying you that you probably accidentally disabled the extension (happens to me lots) + Animation and background color may be customized Reason Behind This Style: + There is a setting in Auto-pager to disable the extension if you hold Control and Double-click. Now this can be changed, but not many people know how, so you end up accidentally disabling the addon. This style helps that fact. Applies to: + Autopager Add-on Status Bar Icon (animate APNG) Integrates with Styles: + AutoPager Extension - Transparent Popup Menus + Adblock Plus - Visual Alert if Disabled + Find Bar - Visual Alerts (Animated) Works on: - Firefox3 Only. Changelog: - Initial Release

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Tb+Lightning : Remove hide-completed-checkbox

When using Thunderbird with Lightning (extension), this style will remove the checkbox above the list of tasks (on the right of the window in the messenger view) in order to spare some vertical space for more useful content (and avoid clicking on it by mistake). It has been tested with Lightning version 0.8. It is not relevant with Lightning version 0.9.

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Firefox 3.5 - Popups, Menupopups - Dark Blue

Popups und Menupopups in dunkelblau mit hellblauem Highlightbalken Popups and Menupopups in dark blue with Lightblue highlight bar Komplettansicht Complete view Updatet 04.11.2008 Neon Gelbe Lesezeichen Icons eingefügt Neon Yellow bookmark icons added

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