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Thunderbird 2 Classic Grey Toolbar Color for Vista

I don't like the baby blue design for some application under Vista. So i change the baby blue design in a classic grey under Vista. Also it shows menus more native Vista like (Change from Mostly Crystal Theme Style, but its not fully native... I hope for TB3. see also my FF3 userstyle See screenshots for it:

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Old Style for Thunderbird

********************** Only for Thunderbird. Thunderbirdのみに対応。 ********************** Thunderbird may become appearance like an old style. [Preparation] 1.Right-click [menu bar] and click customization. 2.Please put "button-appmenu" on the left-hand side of the [File] of a menu bar. *"button-appmenu" is three horizontal lines before userstyle adaptation. *It is an icon of Thunderbird after userstyle adaptation. Thunderbirdを以前のような見た目に近づけます。 【準備】 1、メニューバーで右クリックしてカスタマイズ 2、"アプリメニュー"というアイコンを、メニューバーにある「ファイル」の左側に配置 ※"アプリメニュー"はユーザースタイル適応前は「三」のような三本線のアイコンです。 ※ユーザースタイル適応後はThunderbirdのアイコンになっています。

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Thunderbird Tweaks

These are my own personal tweaks for Thunderbird. Probably only of interest to me. (With a big thanks to for info.)

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Thunderbird - folder pane & thread pane night mode

This style attempts to make a night mode for Mozilla Thunderbird. It changes the folder pane and thread pane text and background color to be visual friendly at night. If you want a night vision for the preview pane as well. You can use a style called Midnight Surfing - Global Dark Style by luckymouse and edit the style by adding this three things: url-prefix(imap://) url-prefix(mailbox://) url-prefix(news://) into the code: @-moz-document url-prefix(http://), url-prefix(https://), url-prefix(ftp://), url-prefix(file://) { PS: I am no expert on CSS coding (and any other coding!!). I hope this can help some night owl Thunderbird users and inspire some developer to create more styles that suitable for Thunderbird.

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Thunderbird - Large interface text

A way-too-overdue followup of Large Text Everywhere for Thunderbird. If you are hard of seeing, or need a style that compliments Thunderbird on an HTPC, then this style is for you.

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Thunderbird BIU Compose Icons

Replace the ugly Tango "triple-A" icons in Tb3 and later with the classic BIU icons from Tb2 -- for the Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons in the compose window formatting toolbar. How to install this style in Thunderbird: click green Install button below, Switch to Edit, select all/copy code to a New Style window for Tb Stylish, and Save.

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