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Stylish Custom Add-on dark theme

A dark theme for Stylish Custom 1.5.1, addon companion to Stylish 1.4.3 for Firefox browsers

Updated: Nov 5, 2014 Installs This Week: 23 Average Rating: Good
CodeMirror "liquibyte" Style

Stylish editor theme based on my CodeMirror theme. This is also a default CodeMirror theme.

Updated: Jul 23, 2015 Installs This Week: 15 Average Rating: N/A

Style for the the MANAGER Stylish's enviroment as STANDALONE window and STANDALONE sidebar. The companion of my ELIAN ► STYLISH EDITOR (v1.4.3)

Updated: Aug 25, 2014 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: Good

Style for the the edit style window. (Also Style INSTALL window) The companion of my ELIAN ► STYLISH MANAGE STANDALONE If you want the menu for the whole FF try my ELIAN ► MENU (FF)

Updated: Jul 5, 2015 Installs This Week: 9 Average Rating: Good
Stylish Grayscale Button Icon Restored - Fx 6+

For Firefox 6+ and latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds. This style restores the Stylish gray-scale toolbar button icon that was removed in Stylish 1.2.3, which now uses a white toolbar button icon instead. Tested on Firefox 6+ and up to the latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, Nightly builds. Modified code from: foxxyn8 To customize or fix Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds, you can also have a look at my other styles: rob64rock

Updated: Oct 5, 2011 Installs This Week: 7 Average Rating: N/A
Stylish Manager - Legendary Edition

Dedicated to the legend himself, Bob Marley. For a better screenshot check here:

Updated: Jun 4, 2007 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Custom Stylish (Manage Styles) Background (WOW)

Allows you to Customize the text and background image of the Stylish extensions Window (listing of userstyles). * See Stylish Manager - Dark Carbon Theme by storm119 for similar code. Thanks! Features: + Background image will be a faded Firefox logo with shadowing + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background, even when offline! + Background image is static and is centered on the window. = Optional - Text size of the update details will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) Fonts Supplied (Supported): - Currently, I supplied the following Fonts in the Code: 1. Segoe UI (User Interface of Vista) 2. Calibri (Text of Vista) 3. Verdana (XP Font) 4. Helvetica (XP) 5. Tahoma (XP User Interface Default Font) 6. Arial Global Font Applies to: + Stylish Window + Userstyles listing popup + Manage Styles Page + Manage Styles in Tab Sidebar Browser

Updated: Jun 25, 2008 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Stylishier Greasemonkey status icon

Modification for Greasemonkey ( status bar icon. Icons are grayscaled and tightened to best suit the GrApple ( themes. 2009.06.12: FIXED disabled icon is now actually grayscaled. [156] 2009.03.15: Initial release.

Updated: Jun 11, 2009 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
(No screenshot available)
Stylish 1.* Add Clear Button to Clear Search Box

seems to not work in ff3.1 (the binding is gone/moved)

Updated: May 14, 2009 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Stylish - old statusbar icon

just in case anyone wants the old Stylish statusbar icon swiped code from Stylish - Status bar icon by reddeye downloaded old Stylish add-on did base64 thing on icon ( old statusbar icon (:

Updated: Aug 29, 2009 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A