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Userstyles Editor Theme

Not so WIP anymore, pretty happy with these colors now. Still not too sure what to title this though.

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Style for the the edit style window. (Also Style INSTALL window) The companion of my ELIAN ► STYLISH MANAGE STANDALONE If you want the menu for the whole FF try my ELIAN ► MENU (FF)

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Stylish 2.0.6 dark theme

Stylish 2.0.6 dark theme for Firefox browsers - tested with 45.0.1 (also compatible with Palemoon, tested with 26.2)

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Topgang2008/Vista Black for Firefox 3

Vista Firefox igual ao famoso e mais bonito sistema Vista.~edit by topgang2008~só instalar o firefox e clicar no plugin abaixo e pronto seu firefox fica igual visual do vista , espero que gostem .

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Stylish Editor Slim

Makes the Firefox Stylish editor Ui-bar smaller. If you have any issues with this style, please open a ticket at

Updated: Oct 12, 2015 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: Good
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Stylish Extension - Dark Gray Interface

Based on Stylish Extension - Interface Adjustments by Valacar Stylish Extension - Interface Adjustments was broken so I fixed it up and made some changes of my own. Version: 1.1 Added in the code from Stylish - Use prettier enabled/disabled icons which changes the enabled/disabled icons Version: 1.2 Made minor code changes, nothing major Changes: Background of text box's: #333333 with a gradient image at the top Text color: white Font family: Calibri (A vista font) added to the list Enabled/Disabled Icons: Added the code from Stylish - Use prettier enabled/disabled icons by Matt Nordhoff Notes: When you install close the manager and open it again for the text color to change. Screenshots Before: After: To get the Vista Fonts for free on XP, grab the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

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GrApple Theme - Stylish Findbar Matched

Reference Styles Stylish Editor Findbar on Top by fools gold. Simple Stylish Editor by fools gold.

Updated: Aug 21, 2009 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox Stylish Editor Compact

Removes paddings & margins, shows style URL and merges Name & Tags onto one line, as well as editor tools & url. Tested on Firefox 13-29 on OSX / Win7. Untested otherwise! Other styles from bernstein

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Firefox 3.5 - Stylish 0.5.9 - Interface

Manager in Schwarz Manager with black background Originalansicht Original view

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Stylish - Statusbar Icons better distinguishable

Since Stylish 1.0 it's possible to reflect if a style is currently applied. There are three states displayed: no style, global style and site style This style makes a slight change to the Stylish statusbar-icons. It does the following • No styles applied: displays the standard Stylish icon for this state, slightly darkened • Global styles applied: like no styles (see above) • Site-Style applied: displays the standard Stylish icon for this state, more saturated The reason for this style is the following: Though I like the icons, it's not easy to see a difference between applied global style and site style. And since the icon for the global style is forced if you have at least one active global style (which I guess most of you have), I liked the idea of having just a two-state-display: "site-style on" and "site-style off". **** Note that this is for Stylish versions 1.0.1 and up ****

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