- Gmail improved UI and whitespace

In an effort to take Khoi's post a bit further:

I didn't remove the ads, because they don't bother me. And honestly, I find it amusing to see what kinds of ads they serve me based on the conversations I have. I'm easily pleased, what can I say?

[Added 2008 Oct. 25]
- Grayed out the read message text.
- Removed the blue background on read message rows.

[Added 2008 Sept. 3]
- Gray font color for ads and footer info.

[Original changes]
- 150% font size on Body.
- 120% font size on compose message Body.
- Ample horizontal and vertical of inbox elements.
- Tweaked the To and Subject field lengths on inbox.
- Large checkboxes (Fitts law!)

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Gmail improved UI and whitespace
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