- facebook - dark-facebook 2 [a dark facebook theme]

The second generation of dark-facebook theme.

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facebook - dark-facebook 2 [a dark facebook theme]
Author dtinth
License CC BY-SA
Created Nov 23, 2013
Updated Mar 18, 2015
Installs (this week) 470
Installs (total) 164,665
Average rating Good
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[Official Website] A plain simple dark theme for facebook that's updated frequently.
  • We have an official issue tracker. (please report issues there)
  • dark-facebook is open source. You can help contribute to make this theme more complete.
  • Also available as a theme for Social Fixer, which updates automatically. Just select "dark-facebook" in the themes section.
  • Also available as a user style for Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey
  • If you want to support the author of this theme (me), it is open for donation.
2015-03-18 (4dbe50a) [timeline/sidenav] fix the side navigation of the timeline
2015-03-18 (62fdb60) [timeline/about] fix about section in timeline
2014-10-05 (6b93382) [textbox] Remotely fix the colors for mentions input.
2014-10-04 (90581a3) [comments] Remotely fix the comments box color. #52
2014-09-04 (64385c6) [sidenav] fix colors
2014-08-09 (01c713a) [ticker/ticker] fix the text color
2014-08-09 (19cfaad) [album/view, dialogs/dialog-box] Fix text colors.
2014-08-07 (363892d) [web-messenger/master] Remove the white toolbar border
2014-07-30 (1e1a133) [bluebar] Fixed the blue bar again...
2014-07-24 (dcc9e8e) [popup-menu] Fixed the #userNavigation one more time...
2014-07-23 (c8dfda7) [jewel/flyout] Fix the color of the Jewel Flyout following Facebook's CSS update.
2014-07-23 (3cc3a0a) [bluebar] Update the bluebar to reflect Facebook's CSS change.
2014-07-21 (d56fc45) [timeline/unit] Fix color for "Boost Post" footer. Fixes #42.
2014-07-21 (6702f3c) [chat/window] removed the outline from emoticons button. Fixes #44.
2014-07-21 (102c5a9) [popup-menu] Fixed the user navigation, fixes #44.
2014-05-29 (4a968c3) [web-messenger/messages] Fix the color of new message highlight. Fixes #38.
2014-05-28 (3e49e6f) [social-plugin] Fix the social plugin. Fixes #36.
2014-05-28 (b87a3ea) [common/highlight] Fix the style for highlighted text... Fixes #37.
2014-05-23 (eae7678) [app-center] Polish the app center. #35.
2014-05-23 (112f477) [bluebar, chat] Towards a cleaner CSS: remove ancient gradient CSS.

2013-11-22 (e1f5676) Initial work started on dark-facebook 2.


Thank dtinth for creating this style by donating via Pledgie: Donate for facebook - dark-facebook 2 [a dark facebook theme].


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