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GTA Forums v2 - Nostalgia Theme
Author ALMOST610-2
License © ALMOST610-2.
Created Sep 7, 2013
Updated Sep 8, 2013
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Just a bit of messing around by....
And any other users who contribute in the Topic...

I have currently fixed Old Quotes Appearing Wrong, User Icon not appearing Transparent, Non Square user Images being stretched at times, styled some buttons to match the rest, and more!, baguvix_wanrltw removed some of the Crap that appears and is not necessary and also set the base for this theme, yojo2 made the Top Bar follow the Page.

-- Change Log --

Update Sep-9-2013
-- Changes
. Added some more Fixes to code that changes the buttons styles for some new buttons (eg. "Mark This Forum As Read").
. Added the more little addons by baguvix_wanrltw
. Cleaned Up the Formatting and Comments
. Also Uploaded This Version to '' ''

Update Sep-8-2013
-- Changes
. First small attempt at fixing the Quotes that were made using the Old GTA Forums, they have no styles at the moment but now have some.
. Styled the 'Cancel' button to now appear as an actual button.
. Also changes the way the 'Topic Moderation' buttons appears (Only Visible to those who are Leading a Forum or of a Higher User Group)

Update Sep-8-2013
-- Changes
. Updated with the latest changes by baguvix_wanrltw and also commented areas that I could remember or figure out
. Added yojo2's code to make the top bar follow the page.
. Edit and Report buttons now match the Quote Button



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