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This style was deleted by its author, Roland de Ruiter. The reason given was Worked with Firefox 2.0beta2 only. Instead, try:

Firefox - Sidebar without size restrictions
or other App themes.

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For Firefox 2.0 beta 2 only!

If you have configured FF2.0b2 to show the tab-close button at the end of the tab-strip (value 3 for browser.tabs.closeButtons, see below how), then the tab-close button doesn't look nice next to the "List All Tabs" drop-down-button.

This style corrects this, so the tab-close button and the "List All Tabs" button are displayed next to each other, on their own tab.

How to modify tab-close button position?
Type about:config in the address bar and create the following integer pref (it doesn't exist by default):

Set this pref to one of the following values:
0 // activetab = close button on active tab only
1 // alltabs = close buttons on all tabs
2 // noclose = no close buttons at all
3 // closeatend = close button at the end of the tabstrip (like FF1.0 and FF1.5)

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Firefox 2.0b2 - Nicely integrated tab-close button
Author Roland de Ruiter
License © Roland de Ruiter.
Created Sep 4, 2006
Updated Sep 4, 2006
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