- Custom Toolbar Firefox Background Image (WOW!)


This style was deleted by the site admin. The reason given was Deleted by admin - contains non-loading images. Instead, try:

Animated Loading Spinner for Firefox 3 - Loading
or other App themes.

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Makes the Firefox toolbar display an background image of your choice.
This extension replicates what the Personas Firefox extension does (why install an addon when you can do it through CSS!)

** Similar code is Pirlouy's Transparent Firefox. Instead I made a background image.

Another excellent way to implement a new UI feature for your favorite web browser.
The background color of text in this style has not been changed (use Custom Main Menu & Toolbars Text Color to change it.).

Integrates with Custom Menus Background Image (WOW).

- Appears on the main toolbar, as the background (Custom Theming)
- Increased readability by placing the logo behind the Toolbar / Navigation Text
- Included code to enable the backgrounds of text to be white, for increased readability
- Clean and very appropriate default image, included with style (Firefox logo - shadowed)
- Fully customizable style, for your own enjoyment.

Additional Information:
This Style has been tested on multiple Firefox Themes, and has worked perfectly on eac

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Custom Toolbar Firefox Background Image (WOW!)
Author dotter
License © dotter.
Created Jun 10, 2008
Updated Jun 10, 2008
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