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iFacebook brings to Facebook desktop version some default styles from the Facebook's mobile site and iPhone App.
It is not intrusive, so you'll notice slightly changes that will make Facebook smoother and cleaner.

Major changes were applied on the Top Bar which is kind of flat style on Facebook's desktop version, you'll notice
new ui for the fly-out pop ups used in Notifications, Friend Requests and Messages, new search field, new user's account navigation menu and more.

I've opted to remove Facebook Ads Completely, although I consider Facebook advertisement sidebar quite handy as it allows us discover new things all the time, but if you prefer you can enable ads again.

Check my Blog post for more full screenshots and details. Creative Userstyles - iFacebook

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Author Adriano Monecchi
License CC BY
Created Jun 2, 2012
Updated May 7, 2013
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Installs (total) 144,757
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Recent Changelog:

Sep 17 2012:
- Feeds Page Improvements: affects feeds stream. - Bigger size Fonts for Titles and Messages, Larger Feeds Stream Comments and Share Boxes

November 17th 2012: - Birthday, Events and Requests Notifications is now back in the Feeds page Sidebar, but still kept Ads removal. - Thanks to the user Da671Music for the feedback

Last Important updates / Changelog:

First release updates / Jun 2, 2012:
- New style for Status Composer Box - Changed Friend Mentioning, Date and Location icons by the ones from Facebook's iPhone App

- Cleaner Timeline - Reduced excessive highlighting style and overloaded borders and dividers, assuming the user exactly knows where he/she wants to take actions

- Cleaner and Wided Feeds page - More room to play with now with 760px wide - removed reminds sidebar as the same info can be found in notifications

- New style for confirmation/action Buttons - Now same as on Facebook's iPhone App

- Tested on latest versions of major modern Browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) on Mac. Not tested on IE as I have no Windows at the moment, but some styles have been applied to support it.

Version: 1.0


Simple changes to keep Facebook as good as it is by default. Borrowed styles from Facebook's mobile site and iPhone App to Facebook desktop version.
Please follow the updates as this is just a start point to accomplish a considerable look and feel for iFacebook. I hope you like it!

Up coming improvements & features:

- Working to bring some more ui/design elements from Facebook Mobile's resources such as icons and buttons to iFacebook userstyle.
- Working on a Clean iOS look and feel Facebook Login Screen


- New Top Bar style
- New Search field style
- Cleaner Timeline
- Cleaner and Wided Feeds page
- New style for the Status Composer Box on both Feeds and Timeline Pages
- New style for the Fly-out pop ups used in Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications
- New User's account menu navigation style
- Timeline and Feeds Page Ads removal / No Facebook Sidebar Ads (instruction for enabling and disabling it on the Blog, see link below)
- Minor bug fixes and compatibility issues

Check my Blog post for full screenshots and details. Creative Userstyles - iFacebook

Any Feedback is appreciated, please use the forum for requests and/or reviews!



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