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Author Babkock
License CC0
Created Feb 21, 2012
Updated May 3, 2012
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 2,537
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Notes has an insanely low maximum file size, so click here to see more, full-size before-and-after screenshots.

Update March 8: I removed the underline on some body links and changed up the boxes on the home page. Does the new update suck? Click here to use this old version.

Update March 18: I made the reply screen input boxes the same width, I FINALLY figured out how to style buttons and the "File" input box, and I made thread replies stretch out, they're all the same width. You can view updated screenshots here. The "same width input boxes" look sloppy on some boards, due to some elements being added or removed.

Update March 22: I made the home page links and the board links dark green, because it looks nicer. I also fixed a small issue when viewing /f/.

Update March 24: Made text boards look a hell of a lot nicer, and added some compatibility with the "4chan X" extension.

Update April 5: Centered the Submit button on /b/, and removed the "Spoiler Image?" text that was throwing the form off its all-the-same-width bliss.

Update April 14: Finally styled the "Disclaimer" box. Un-centered the Submit button and resized the "Email" field on /b/. Made it look like how it should. Left myself a little note.

Update May 3: 4chan recently changed its HTML, so I updated the style. Users now have the option to select their font. I prefer Times New Roman, but I know Arial is the default, and some people like that better.



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