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Hi folks,

this highly configurable Stylish theme is my vision of a clean and intuitive Wikipedia.
Functional elements step back to focus your attention on the information
of interest. While reducing visual overhead, all relevant information is kept at
your fingertips by a visually attractive, easy to use interface.
If you appreciate my work, consider a small donation to the Wikipedia project or
spread the word for this theme. Thank you!


To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Wikipedia Tribute
Author <matthias>
License CC-NC-SA
Created Jan 6, 2012
Updated Jan 4, 2013
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 4,125
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Version 1.81
- Fixed missing background for drop-down menus in Opera
Version 1.8
- Fixed issues which followed from layout changes by Wikipedia
- Updated stylesheets to work with current versions of Firefox (FF 16+) and Opera 12.
This may break the stylesheet on older Browser versions since I decided to remove
prefixed CSS statements where possible to reduce complexity.
- Known Issues:
Wikipedia Notices aren't displayed although Notice-Flag appears

Version 1.7
Quick fix to resolve issues with Understatement color overlay in Chrome browsers.
However, there are still some details left which I try to fix soon.
Thanks a lot to user grom for feedback.
Publishing my basic layout, licensed CC BY-NC-SA. Feel free to use it in your designs.

Version 1.61
Improvements on "Business" color overlay.

Version 1.6
Introducing Effects overlay. Turn your Wikipedia Tribute user interface into a smoother and more responsive experience.

Version 1.5
Introducing color overlays.
Color corrections to original color theme ("Understatement"). Turned grey tone into cool grey.
Adding many new definitions (e.g. for edit page, book creator and others)

Version 1.0


Due to the complexity of Wikipedia it is hard, if not impossible, to provide a
coherent design on all versions and sub-pages of Wikipedia.
My effort focused on the English and the German version of Wikipedia. Nevertheless,
it should work on most other versions, too, maybe with some limitations
regarding visual consistency. If you expierience problems with the afformentioned
locales, please let me know. If you face problems in your version of choice, you
may want to contribute to this project by uploading a patch.
Providing a separate stylesheet which fixes the relevant parts is probably the
best way to do that, for it provides the highest flexibility and
prevents the original stylesheet from bloating.


This style makes extensive use of latest CSS3 features.
Depending on your machine this can slow down rendering time significantly.

Tested on FF 8 and Opera 11.60

Many thanks go to vetinari ( His theme is from where I started my work.



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