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Inspired by Mac OSX Lion

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Google Reader — Mac OS Lion UI
Author Allen Bargi
License © Allen Bargi.
Created Nov 7, 2011
Updated Nov 30, 2012
Installs (this week) 2
Installs (total) 44,052
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=> github repo:

Feel free to fork github repo and add your changes. make sure to make a pull request so that I can merge your changes and share it with others.

::: Changelog ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

v. 1.6.1

* Fixed distortion of Google Logo on the upper left corner

v. 1.6.0

* A whole bunch of improvements for things you barely see.

v. 1.5.2

* Removed annoying "loading..." message in the top right corner of the screen
* Updated Safari Extension
* Fixed logo for Safari and Firefox
* Minor Firefox bug fixes

v. 1.5.1

* minor layout fixes for google bar

v. 1.5

* yet again, Google changed their top bar! yet again, I changed the userstyle to support it!

v. 1.4

* added support for the new google bar

v. 1.3

* Added style for the new settings button
* Fixed scrolling issues

v. 1.2

* Restyled the top bar
* Added support for google reader in google apps service
* Added new more mac-like icons
* Styled Search pages
* whole bunch of other small fixes here and there

v. 1.1.1

* Fixed dropdown menu check mark
* Increased max-width of the feed name in sidebar

v. 1.1

* Safari extension added (courtesy of Vidal van Bergen)
* Adding support for country specific google domains
* Using browser default sans-serif font if the browser does not support web fonts
* Better fullscreen
* Minor bug fixes and improvements



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