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A Google Reader MOD with compact layout, easily customizable with colorized items (read/unread/hover).

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Google Reader MOD + Colors
Author zorro3001
License © zorro3001.
Created Nov 3, 2011
Updated Dec 17, 2011
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Installs (total) 2,729
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Version 0.1
Based on the great Compact Google Reader by neville_park
email action is hidden, see the commented section.

Version 0.2 (Instructions)
- Works also very well on Opera, download it as Greasemonkey script, remember to set the directory where you save the scripts "Go to Preferences (Ctrl + F12) >> Advanced Tab >> Content >> Javascript Options... - Under User JavaScript Files choose the folder that contains your User JS files" thanks to Micah Ray Aills - How to Install Custom User Style Sheets in Opera and Firefox and (IMPORTANT) rename it so it ends in .user.js otherwise it doesn't work, thanks to Antonie Potgieter - How To : Greasemonkey in Opera .

Version 0.3
Google Reader introduced new settings (Comfortable, Cozy, Compact), this style is based on the Comfortable one, reachable through the new wheel on the top right
position of the reading list.
Overall made some adjustment at the reading list, the entry eight, polished the action bar.
Changed some colors, pastel feeling.

Version 0.4
Small fixes to entries list top margin --> .entry-source-title, .entry-secondary, .entry-date (adjust at your liking).

Version 0.5
Needs to set Goggle Reader compact setting, through the reader preferences, because the comfortable one sets variable top margin on window resizing. Classes .entry-source-title, .entry-secondary, .entry-date has nowmargin-top: -1px; Adjust as you like.

Version 0.6
Small fixes.
Entries: .star (margin-top: 1px !important;), .entry-secondary .snippet .entry-date (margin-top: -2px !important;), .entry-original (top: 12px !important;),
Actions: Some padding and plusone margin. Happy Holidays!!!

- IMPORTANT. This style is for the domain, you have to modify it to make it works with your locale, for example* etc. It applies also to the downloaded Greasemonkey script.



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