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Modification to Google Reader that colorizes the UI like the old version and makes Google Reader more compact.

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GReader Harmonic - Google Reader Style
Author Tiberio
License © Tiberio.
Created Nov 1, 2011
Updated Aug 1, 2012
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 1,913
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Updated [24/02/2012]: fixed the last redesign.
Updated [29/11/2011]: FIXED the new annoying changes offered by... Google.
Updated [21/11/2011]: Google changes the spacing "again" and generates a new mess. FIXED.
Updated [16/11/2011]: the bottom's color of each entry has been changed to blue.
Updated [09/11/2011]: several spacing adjustments for different languages.
Updated [07/11/2011]: changed the width of some buttons to fit correctly on low resolution.
Updated [07/11/2011]: fixed some spacing issues in Google Chrome.
Updated [06/11/2011]: same color for all the separator lines.
Updated [06/11/2011]: added "People you follow".
Updated [05/11/2011]: some icons of the navigation tree have been changed.
Updated [05/11/2011]: several spacing corrections on the navigation tree.
Updated [05/11/2011]: the color of many objects has been changed from grey to blue.
Updated [03/11/2011]: the selected entry is surrounded by a blue border when it is expanded.
Updated [03/11/2011]: the title of the selected entry has been changed to blue.
Updated [03/11/2011]: new icon for folders. The icon has been taken from the theme "New Google Reader bordes and rows background". Thanks, mezvan!
Updated [03/11/2011]: the height of the top bar (search) has been reduced.
Updated [02/11/2011]: added margin on the right side of each entry.
Updated [01/11/2011]: the numbers that show unread entries count are bigger and bold.
Updated [01/11/2011]: wasted space on the right side of each entry has been removed.



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