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Google Reader -> (Goo)gle Rea(der) -> Goo+der = Gooder :)
Use this style to get your old Google Reader back, same color & icon and feed reader box.Feel Old Google Reader :)
After Google Reader :(
Old Google Reader Style still available :)
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Gooder Plus-Old Google Reader Style
Author Nasserhz
License CC-NC-SA
Created Nov 1, 2011
Updated Nov 28, 2011
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 9,238
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2011/11/21,28 | v1.3.2 | v1.3.3 | Google Reader changes fixed
2011/11/11 | v1.3.1 | Some fixes
2011/11/07 | v1.3 | Google Chrome compatibility and change menus style.
2011/11/04 | v1.2.1 | Fixed some Google Reader changes, folder title and status holder position
2011/11/04 | v1.2 | Change Google Reader settings page to old interface :)
2011/11/03 | v1.1 |
Add Shared items and People you follow to reader menu
Better buttons style
Change some icons and backgrounds
2011/11/02 | v1.0 | Changes some font style, background color and other properties :)
2011/11/01 | Release Gooder Plus v0.9



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