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New: search results fixed & have borders, restricted to reader only, Multiple domains inc: .de, .it, .fr etc), reclaim space on collapsed items, change folder opacity, no more red.

This is a work in progress, i'm trying to mod the new reader UI so it's easier to use and read.
Suggestions can be directed at:!/maddercarmine or in the forum below
Feel free to build off this... let's fix what remains of reader!

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Google reader - new interface tweaks
Author maddercarmine
License © maddercarmine.
Created Oct 31, 2011
Updated Nov 6, 2011
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Installs (total) 6,511
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- works on all google reader domains
- Blue colour scheme like old reader
- subscribe button now grey
- Lighter folder icons
- Blue headers
- padding above & below images
- item width widened
- adds border between items and sidebar
- blue 'currently viewing' highlight
- less padding on collapsed item list

- Check out to regain a form of sharing capability.
- Did you know you can share an article on Google + from the black google bar (click the share field) at the top of the page?
- Hivemined is something to watch as a reader replacement:
- Save google reader petition:



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