- Rootzwiki restyling for simplicity

Makes the layout a bit easier to read and fit on your screen :)

NOTE: Not updated for the new theme yet and may look a bit off. Though the new theme solves some of the annoying issues I had. I'll get to it eventually when I have free time.

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Rootzwiki restyling for simplicity
Author yareally
License CC BY
Created Oct 24, 2011
Updated Jul 18, 2013
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Installs (total) 427
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What I changed:

1) logo is smaller
3) reduced some of the whitespace area so there's less space between content, but not so much it's harder to read
4) removed signatures
5) ignored postings by those you ignore will no longer show period in forums (if they're ignored, you would rather pretend they also don't exist, right? :) )
6) Removed the ugly board stats at the bottom of the page. I hate those.

2011-11-17 Update: fixed the top bar which was fixed to the far left due to some update rootzwiki did today.

2011-11-23: padding adjusted around the logo

2011-11-27: oops, made it restyle every site, had to fix that...

2012-04-25: yay, updated for the most current layout.

2012-06-18: removed the ugly board stats on the home page.

2013-07-18: removed 238px ugly whitespace gap near the top of some forums. Some asshole is putting an ad there it seems from the looks of the css.



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