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Allows you to see /r/mylittleandysonic1, /r/mylittlewtf, /r/MLAS1animotes, /r/MyLittlePony, /r/idliketobeatree, /r/mylittlesquidward, /r/daylightemotes, /r/mylittledaww, /r/mylittlenanners, /r/vinylscratch, /r/applejack, /r/mylittleonions, /r/MyLittleNopeNopeNope, /r/MyLittleLivestream, /r/MyLittleBannerTest, /r/MLHFIS, /r/mylittledamon, /r/MyLittleNoSleep, /r/roseluck, /r/thebestpony, /r/tbpimagedump, /r/mylittlecelestias, /r/MyLittleChaos, /r/MyLittleMusician, /r/Surprise, /r/PinkiePie, /r/TwilightSparkle, /r/ainbowdash, /r/MyLittleWarHammer, /r/mylittlealcoholic, /r/MyLittleSupportGroup, /r/SpeedingTurtle, /r/mylittlecirclejerk, /r/Flitter, /r/Molestia, /r/MyLittleSports, /r/SeriouslyLuna, /r/FalloutEquestria, /r/ILoveDashie, /r/Applebloom, /r/MLPDrawingSchool, /r/MyLittleWelcomeWagon, /r/GallopFrey, /r/MyLittleAnime, /r/MyLittleFoodManes, /r/MyLittleKindle, and /r/MyLittleServer emoticons anywhere on reddit.

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Reddit - My Andy Ponies
Author EvilHom3r
License © EvilHom3r.
Created Sep 19, 2011
Updated Jul 16, 2012
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*Current Version: 4.7 (July 16)*

+ Updated MLAS1
+ Updated MLWTF
+ Updated MLAS1Animotes (/twifly, /floatyesplin, /dashcheer)
+ Updated /r/MyLittleOnions
+ Updated /r/VinylScratch (/vshnngg, /vsshrug, /vstableflip, /vslaying)
+ Updated /r/MyLittleBannerTest
+ Updated /r/PinkiePie
+ Updated /r/Lyra
+ Updated /r/SpeedingTurtle
+ Updated /r/TheBestPony (/c22yum)
+ Added /r/Flitter (/stretchthoseglutes, /flitterunamused, /flitterjoy, /fillyflitter)
+ Added /r/Molestia (
+ Added /r/MyLittleSports (
+ Added /r/SeriouslyLuna (
+ Added /r/FalloutEquestria (
+ Added /r/ILoveDashie (
+ Added /r/Applebloom (
+ Added /r/MLPDrawingSchool
+ Added /r/MyLittleWelcomeWagon (
+ Added /r/GallopFrey (
+ Added /r/MyLittleAnime
+ Added /r/MyLittleAprilFools (April fools emotes from mane sub)
+ Added /r/MyLittleFoodManes
+ Added /r/MyLittleKindle
+ Added /r/MyLittleServer

For previous version's changelogs, see:



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