- Restore Fx7 Small Icons Buttons Appearance - Fx 8+

For Firefox 8+ and latest Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds.

This style is an attempt of restoring Fx7 navigation toolbar buttons appearance in Small Icons mode that was removed due to: Bug 671553-Remove the navigation toolbar's custom button appearance in small icons mode/invert icons on dark personas and glass.

Note: Some buttons may not appear exactly has they did on Fx7.

Works well with userstyle:
Hide Redundant Toolbar Button Drop-markers - Fx 4+

*Important* It should work without problems, but it may clash with some Add-ons or other CSS code or userstyles out there. This userstyle is a work in progress and isn't yet complete, so if you do find a style bug that you can reproduce with no Add-ons or no other userstyles installed or enabled please use the "No Rating" Discussions option when reporting any style bugs for the time being.

Tested on Firefox 8+ and up to the latest Firefox Beta, Aurora builds, Nightly builds.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Restore Fx7 Small Icons Buttons Appearance - Fx 8+
Author rob64rock
License CC BY-SA
Created Jul 22, 2011
Updated Mar 7, 2012
Installs (this week) 5
Installs (total) 1,092
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Note - Extension Now Available here:

To customize or fix Firefox Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds, you can also have a look at my other styles:user 61655

Updated 03-07-2012
Due to Bug 732915 - Reduce the URL and search bar border radii

Updated 02-26-2012
Due to Bug 693510 - drop support for prefixes from border-radius* and box-shadow

Updated 12-10-2011
Fixed styling issue with Zoom-In and Zoom-Out control button.

Updated 11-23-2011
Fixed issue with the URL bar vertical size, caused by the stop and reload buttons being combined into the Urlbar.

Updated 11-21-2011
Fixed issues with Menu-Type buttons margins and styling issues with [Ext]Tab Utilities 'Undo Close Tabs' button.

Updated 11-19-2011
Modified the styling code for disabled toolbar buttons.

Updated 11-18-2011
Restored Toolbar buttons appearance when in Small Icons + Text mode.

Updated 11-16-2011
Did some CSS code cleanup and restored the blue glow hover effect and semi-restored the pressed button effect. Help from PimpUigi .

Updated 08-18-2011
[Ext] Video Download Helper toolbar button now has button border and Menu Type toolbar button icons are now centered aligned.



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