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A restyle of Tumblr - Bad Wolf Logo (as it had sizing issues with the Dashboard 'Bubble'), and an editing of Pikachu! Tumblr.

Badwolf Logo: Inspired by Tumblr - Bad Wolf Logo, created myself in Fireworks
Gallifreyan Symbols:, edited myself in Fireworks
Background: Edited version of, edited myself in Fireworks
TARDIS: Created myself.

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Tumblr - Doctor Who Theme
Author Nathanthenerd
License © Nathanthenerd.
Created Jun 1, 2011
Updated Sep 3, 2013
Installs (this week) 1
Installs (total) 22,323
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Version 2.2 - (3rd September 2013) - Updated the 'Text/Photo/Video..' icons, updated the Home Button Icons, Added an arrow to click to bring you to the top of the dashboard and some minor bug fixes. Please contact me directly via my blog if you have any problems!

Version 2.2 - (26th January 2013) - Because of the new Dashboard, I've had to remove the 'Text/Photo/Video..' icons for the time being, as they disrupted with the new layout. I will try and fix this as soon as I possibly can!

Version 2.1 - (8th September 2012) - I've made a small tweak to the theme, as the Tumblr Dashboard has regenerated once more. The 'Home' button is now a TARDIS, the 'Inbox' button is now a Corsair Mail Cube, the 'Help' button is now a Gallifreyan icon, the 'Settings' button is now a Sonic Screwdriver (doesn't do wood, sorry), and the 'Log Out' button is now a Dalek (as it exterminates our blogging fun for the day).

Version 2 - (11th July 2012) - After a long time with the theme being semi-functional, this theme has been updated to work with the new layout of the Tumblr Dashboard!



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