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For the new Tab Mix Plus forum. It's not white! -
Had to separate images, the style is way too large for the allowed limit here. Install the second part: Tab Mix Plus forum images

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Tab Mix Plus forum Brushed
Author makondo
License CC-NC-SA
Created May 10, 2011
Updated May 25, 2012
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 223
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11/11 - detailing, pagination - current page number is red for visibility. Moved stuff up to eliminate scrolling on index page. Hid a couple of irritating to me avatars. If you want hem back, comment them in the first block. Changed bs blue font some members (other then onemen) like to use. Added update start page. You can now hide the confirmation box in the update confirmation tab, an empty tab still opens, of course. You can also hide the Donate button on that page. See the last 2 blocks of code.
05/12 - due to application and site changes coming with Fx13, fixed links hover, changed posts font to normal so that bold text is visible



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