- ZZZ Flickr WideScreen - FIRST part "Collection"


This style was deleted by its author, decembre. The reason given was Not Updated
It's better to use now :
Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE WIDE
. Instead, try:

Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE TOTAL (No GM) v.36
or other Flickr themes.

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IT is for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!
It's the FIRST part of my "Flickr WideScreen Collection".

It's a part of my "Flickr WideScreen Collection".

BUT NOW you can have all the collection (Updated) in one:
Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE

- What it does?:
I just adapt it for some Firefox Addon or Greasemonkey Scripts and to compact the Flickr Interface (Move some elements).
Firefox Addons (recommended):
AutoPager (" rel="nofollow" ).

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

ZZZ Flickr WideScreen - FIRST part "Collection"
Author decembre
License CC0
Created May 8, 2011
Updated Jul 31, 2011
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 316
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- Add an DARK/GREY style to it?:
If you want save your eyes (like me) and add a great DARK/GREY style, use this userstyle:
Dark grey Flickr -- Photoshop style
By skagon

Or use my personal version of it:
- Flickr WideScreen - DARK/Grey (Tweak Perso)


BUT NOW you can have all the collection (Updated) in one:
Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE (

(Try them!):

► ► ""Flickr Functional Suite"" - Autopager support :
Provides an interface to let you assign colors to users you meet – that way, if you find a user’s link on a page in the future, it will automatically be highlighted with these color you previously gave them.
▷ Need Tweaks for LIQUID ...(click on User name Under each Thumbs in POLL/FAV/ SETS etc open the stream and not the Color Flag POPUP...

► ► ""Splash Album Viewer Fixed"" - Autopager Support :
The best Thumbnail preview tool i found!.Dynamically show large pictures when viewing albums.

► ► ""Flickr Quick Links"" :
Add your most frequently used links in a mini tool bar at the top of each page on Flickr.You can edit this script to customize them...

► ► ""Flickr PM"" - my TWEAK : Icons/new links for "Flickr PM":
Adds easily accessible icon links to a users FlickrPM popup mail (envelope icon), Profile (profile icon), Change relationship (RE), Flickr DNA (DN), Most Interesting Photos (IN), Flickr Scout (SC), Photo Archive (Coloured Grid), next to their user names in forums and photo comments. It also allows you to send a flickr mail to a user without actually leaving the page you are on.)

► ► ""Flickr Quick Comment" - LAST PATCH by Vispillo ":
Adds a select box, but with random comment that you create yourself.

► ► "Flickr - Move Comment Form Up" :
Moves comment form above all the existing comments (directly below photo).

► ► "Flickr Refer Comment" :
Auto comment the place where you come from .

► ► ""Flickr Cross-Recommendations" - LAST Patch" :
Adds a "People who faved this also faved..." panel to photos on Flickr.
I tweak it to have 2 row of thumbs.

► ► ""Number of Favs on Photostream Photos, and Pool pages"" (Need to be Updated) :
▷ Need Tweaks for LIQUID ...
Shows the number of favs, and number of containing galleries on the photos in a photostream, or in a group pool.

► ► ""ShowAllGroups"" :
Expand the Groups List on the "New flickr Photo Page.

► ► ""Flickr Show All in Pool By User"" :
Lets you see all the images in a group pool by a specific user.

► ► ""Flickr : Link To User's Images In Their Groups"" :
On profile pages, include links to find that user's images in each of their groups.

► ► ""Photos Per Photographer For Pool Admins" (aka "FlickrShowNumberItemsInPool")":
How many images each pool member has put in the pool.

► ""Flickr Faves Preview"" :
Load the first 6 faves of each user who has faved a particular photo.

► ► flickr - Remove images in comments
by Le Pad
(Because all those pictures and group invitation images tend to become annoying, here is a simple style to remove them and clean this comments up ! Also removes those "group" pictures from the activity feeds. )

Normally they work perfectly with This great Infinite Page Firefox Addon:

For More information on Scripts and Addons that i use a lot with FLICKR:
My BIG LIST - may 2012.
(in Flickr Hacks discuss)
Userscripts Group : "Flickr ★ Surf"



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