- NightBlue Facebook by a3cAnton

DarkBlue style for facebook is reborn..
Hope u like it!!
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NightBlue Facebook by a3cAnton
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created Apr 12, 2011
Updated Dec 12, 2015
Installs (this week) 16
Installs (total) 80,230
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Created by Antonio Ferreiro "a3c" 12-04-2011.
15-04-2011 added some visualizations.
19-04-2011 updated code.
20-04-2011 updated code, again...
01-05-2011 added more customizations.
04-11-2011 Renewed code & appearance.
18-11-2011 updated code.
22-11-2011 updated code. Improved readibility in some elements.
23-11-2011 updated code. Facebook Developers support.
25-11-2011 updated code.
01-12-2011 fixed some errors & remove ads from right column.
21-01-2012 Last update. Chrome compatibility , new appearance of input-boxes.
27-02-2012 Fixed varipus tooltips.
07-03-2012 Last update,fixed some "ul".
09-05-2012 Renewed code...
24-10-2013 New code.
15-11-2013 Little fixes.
20-11-2013 Fixed clear zone in "center-col".
28-11-2013 Fixed plugin action in external pages, fixed bubbles in chat, other minor fixes.
04-12-2103 Fixed chat bubbles again.
05-12-2013 Darker font in chat bubbles.
11-02-2014 Big update with many, many fixes.
26-06-2015 New code.
04-07-2015 More fixes.
04-08-2015 Little fixes.
05-12-2015 Fixed background in multi-messages (thx Piotr Niewiadomski for reporting), fixed some icons (invert), fixed determinate listboxes for better appearance.
12-12-2015 Minor update.



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