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More screenshots: about:config, Addons page, new tab
Full customization, toolbars, windows, options, popups, downloads, panorama, preferences...
Australis version compatible with XP Vista & Seven. Tested with aero enabled.

For scrollbars u need this:

If u like this start page go to:§ion=&q=a3canton#/d3jfroy
More images at:

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Firefox NightBlue Theme
Author a3cAnton
License © a3cAnton.
Created Mar 25, 2011
Updated Jan 24, 2017
Installs (this week) 55
Installs (total) 58,297
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Created by Antonio Ferreiro "a3c" 12-03-2011.
29-03-2011 solved button's visualization in Customize Toolbar Window.
31-03-2011 solved many visualizations in "about" pages.
12-04-2011 solved visualizations in many buttons & texts, findToolbar now is below nav-bar, addon-bar in the left side.
09-05-2011 Last update: 99,99% customized, changed appearance in "about" pages, transitions now are faster, addons page appearance changed, no support on local files because it's very intrussive sometimes, optimized code, lighter & faster.
11-05-2011 last update: tab more 3D appearance, titlebar & tabbar height.
11-05-2011 last update: Sorry, there was a problem with the controls but now is solved ..
12-05-2011 last update: Problem with the urlbar width solved ..
13-05-2011 last update: Error pages appearance.
10-06-2011 last update: Some visual fixes.
16-06-2011 last update: Autohide addon-bar (Show it when hover), new appmenu-button appearance, increase tab height & somevisual fixes.
17-06-2011 last update: Some visual fixes(addon-bar & alerts).
20-06-2011 last update.
28-06-2011 last update.
22-08-2011 last update.New addons page, new Tabview (Panorama), new about:permissions, new web console, new identity box background.
Valid for 6,7,8,9, Beta & Nightly.
29-08-2011 last update : Fixed findToolbar.
25-10-2011 last update : Increases contrast in selected tabs , more readibility , scrollbars now with the theme appearance .
16-12-2011 Many , many fixes.
Compressed code (faster loading), improved stability.
New appearance in search boxes.
19-12-2011 Fixed hover state on downloads & some richlistitems.
22-12-2011 findBar & firefox version dialog.
27-01-2012 findBar text color fix , selection color & background & some fixes in "about:" pages.
02-02-2012 find bar now returns to bottom box , addon bar fixes , inspector toolbar fixes , lighter code.
03-02-2012 menu hover fixes , some captions fixes.
08-02-2012 temporary patch in addon-bar.
10-02-2012 last update, changed appearance of status text box.
29-02-2012 fixed captions & support for "about:newtab" page.
14-03-2012 New Screenshoots..
30-05-2012 Renewed code with many, many fixes .
17-07-2012 Renewed code from
02-08-2012 Minor fixes.
27-08-2012 Fixed "aboutDialog" background.
New progress bars,
fixed background in some "about" pages,
new scrollbars,
hide text in textboxes when focus "thanks @makondo",
listboxes now are dark too,
fixed tree color & appearance,
error console fixed,
popup & context with gradient ( more readable ).
09-03-2013 New progressbars,
new gradient in popups,
arrowpanels & menupopups with border,
fixed flashgot menuitem width issue.
25-09-2013 New progress bars, new gradient in menupopups, fixed some clear list-boxes,new gradients syntax,new addons page,fixed and customized about: pages ( about:telemetry for ex. ), new transitions, and more..
18-10-2013 Little update, new transition in categories hovered, fixed filefield in firebug when config the editor, fixed toolbarbutton panel too.
14-11-2013 Fixed findbars buttons, fixed iconic items in menus hovered, fixed scrollcorner in scrollbars.
29-04-2014 updated for Australis theme.
31-07-2014 Fixed blank areas in FF31, animation in progressbar,some "about" pages backgrounds fixed
01-10-2014 Fixed new context menu icons background, new animation in progressbars (hope u like it), more little fixes.
15-10-2014 Fixed 33 version changes, new color in tabs ( more 3D )
18-11-2014 All in one CSS, included scrollbars, HTML5 player, fixed toolbar in print page, custom colors in page inspector. Fixed issue in child menupopus when hover menuitems.
22-12-2014 Optimized code, fixed clear zones after last firefox update, changed progressbars, now system inherited but tinted with svg filter.
18-02-2015 Little fixes in tabs & progress-bar css filter
03-09-2015 Fixed changes in 40.XX versions.
24-01-2017 Fixed changes in 40.XX versions.



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