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Nagato Yuki is one of my favorite characters. So I put together a 4chan style for her. I hope that if you like Nagato-san as much as I do that you will enjoy this style. :D

The default font for this style is currently Comfortaa. It is free and open, so don't hesitate to grab it:

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Author Zixaphir
License © Zixaphir.
Created Feb 26, 2011
Updated Mar 21, 2011
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Installs (total) 353
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26/2/2011: BIRTH OF 4YukiChan!
27/2/2011: Significant work gone into compatibility with Chrome, especially relevant to the 4chanplus extension. Also, front page now styles. Text boards may eventually be coming. You can take a look yourself if you wanna see how bad it looks now. ;P
28/2/2011: Quick and Dirty port to Do yourself a favor and don't use frames.
2/3/2011: Added some alternative fonts for our Free Software lovers out there who won't have Calibri by default.
4/3/2011: For whatever reason, Chrome wasn't maintaining aspect ratios on scaled-down expanded images. I believe this was the correct behavior and FF's insistence on maintaining aspect ratio a bug, but now it should behave how *I* intended it to.
7/3/2011: Fixed a weird border that I'm not sure how got there... More consistent font sizes. Added another silhouette to the style. See if you can't find it!
8/3/2011: Century Gothic is now the default font. It's very snazzy. Font Order is now Century Gothic > Calibri > DejaVu Sans > Verdana. Label fonts remain unchanged because I want them to continue looking like labels.
10/3/2011: Cut down character length by about 1000 by removing unnecessary tabs. Switched around a lot of elements and added a delay to the slideout postbox. New "Posting Mode" indicator. Again, it's all about the snazzy. Optimized Data URIs to be as small as possible.
** Fixed some postform oddities and added some readability when not focused to inputs with content. Special thanks to Mikan !Yuuki/C.8Y.
** Switched from using margins as a way to move the post for to using positioning because positioning feels less hacky.
** Repositioned the Spoiler Image? checkbox. I have to give full credit to !K.WeEabo0o for this one I saw it in his 4chan 〜 Momiji and had to figure out how to implement it. Ironically, his slide out post form was also the inspiration for mine (though mine uses none of his code. Our ways of going about what we've done and our implementations are very different.)
** Disabled 7chan until I feel like fixing it.
12/3/2011: Fixed /i/, /f/, and /rs/. Changed the default font to Comfortaa, which is FOSS. Unbroke Quick Reply. Didn't realized I'd broken it because I don't normally use it, but it's fixed now.
14/3/2011: Restored the postarea browse button (FF only). Attempted styling the Chrome browse button.
16/3/2011: Major cleanup. Repositioned a couple of elements. Figured out something to do with the Return and Expand Images buttons. I'm very pleased with the results. Some fixes for Chrome are also included.
21/3/2011: Changed some colors around, altered the appearances of certain elements, altered font sizes, added a slight, undistracting gradient, fixed checkbox margins.

This theme is NOT fixed width.



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