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Tumblr - SHINee dashbard background + icon set.
Author joycegoesrawr
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Created Feb 17, 2011
Updated Feb 17, 2011
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Dear Shining SHINee,

1000 Days already, can you believe that it's been this long since you debut? I remember the first day your MV for Replay came out, I was drawn to your bright faces and talented singing almost instantly. Now 1000 days later, I still feel the exact same way. Your music has changed me, and it even saved my life, literally! (today's supposed to be a happy day, so I'm not going into that) But anyways, words cannot express how proud I am of all five you boys, you've grown up so much in these past 1000 days, and I can't wait to see what will happen in the next 1000!



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