- Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency

Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency

**Note** this style needs a complete overhaul, so I will do so when I get the chance.

Created by modifying and tweaking code from these original themes:
-Dark Gmail (New Gmail) by srazzano
-painted black - google + gmail (Nov2007) (ALL) theme by whatrevolution

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Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency
Author DaedalusIcarusHelios
License CC BY-SA
Created Dec 7, 2007
Updated Apr 15, 2011
Installs (this week) 12
Installs (total) 52,486
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4/15/11 - Fixed background not showing up
8/12/10 - Fixed a few things that broke with new design change
2/11/10 - A few fixes for Buzz
10/21/09 - Fixed compose field, few misc. fixes
10/20/09 - Fixed buttons that became white with black lines.
7/19/09 - Tasks fixed
7/14/09 - Fixed white e-mail window
7/7/09 - fixed chat window
7/6/09 - Text shadows, minor tweaks
7/3/09 - Fixed e-mail background that was white due to Gmail changes
6/16/09 - Fixed white e-mails from some Gmail changes; also cleaned up some of the code so the syntax checker doesn't give errors.
3-10-09: Fixed some menus, other misc. items
3-05-09: Fixed bottom bar, various tweaks
3-04-09: Google radically changed their code which made this theme unusable. It's fixed, but it looks a bit different than it used to. I still have to make more changes and tweaks.
[removed old update history]



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