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More screenshots: general error, connecting
Firefox only. Works, see the pic. Goes with my Error page - Smokin' Hot.
To get favs back to the urlbar, need the button or ext. by srazzano:

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Error page favicon
Author makondo
License CC-NC-SA
Created Jan 15, 2011
Updated Feb 19, 2013
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Installs (total) 413
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03/17/11 - added General Error pages (MoZine gets it often lately) & 'Connecting...', added 'Page Not Found!'
04/03/11 - added MoZine' "Mozillazine Servers Down" & '404 Not found'.
07/15/11 - added 'Untrusted Connection', fixed icon margins, new 'Connecting...' icon, see the pic. Added Mozillazine Servers Down since this happens too often lately.
02/13 - code cleanup, added Error 404 tabs



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