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I started off making some small changes to Toodledo Me - by by Vin Thomas, but kept making more and more changes until, lo and behold, I had essentially done a complete re-write (though it still uses a few of Vin Thomas's images).

I love Toodledo and find it extremely powerful and customizable; however, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. The two main problems that I have with it are (1) the color palette is ugly and many of the controls are inelegant, and (2) almost all of the various controls for the to-do lists are *above* the list itself, meaning that you have to get through 5-10 lines of configurations options before you get down to the actual tasks. My central design principle was to try, as much as possible, to move everything outside of the central table so that you can focus on what's really important -- the task to be done!

This is still a first pass. I have done some basic testing in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but it is by no means extensive. I look forward

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Toodledo Focus
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