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This style was deleted by the site admin. The reason given was Deleted by admin - contains non-loading images - Dec 5 2012. Instead, try:

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This style allows transparent toolbars, tabs bar & status bar in order to have an image in background.

Screenshot (in jpg, 430 Ko):
(wallpaper comes from here: )

**Please read code to adapt wallpaper to your browser.**

@Totz: it is written in code. Wallpaper uses RAM resources (5 Mo max), but if you compress image, it can be less.
@Diago: great if it has inspired you. Don't feel obliged to mention me in your styles. You have done here. Congrats for your styles. :-)
@Mavromatis: I think it has always worked with beta. Maybe it's just wallpaper which wasn't accessible (that's why you have to use your own image !)

- does not accept Jpeg images for screenshots.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Transparent Firefox
Author Pirlouy
License © Pirlouy.
Created Oct 22, 2007
Updated Jun 3, 2008
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 16,794
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Oct 22 2007: initial release
May 30 2008: cosmetic changes + some explanations
Jun 03 2008: minor fix ("[windowtype="navigator:browser"]")
Jul 22 2009, Note : I've noticed that if you use an image "below" web content, it uses more CPU for some sites. I guess it's a Firefox bug, or rather a limitation (I also guess things will be better when Compositor is integrated). So I advise you to test if it slows things down. If you prefer performances over appearance, you'd rather display an image only for toolbars (tabbar and statusbar include). ;-)
Dec 02 2011: this style is of course deprecated, since Firefox 3.5 or 4.0; Personas built-in feature is easier to use (hey, did you know this style appears before Personas ?!! :-) )



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