- Transparent menus - black mica - Fx4.0b*/Minefiled


This style was deleted by its author, makondo. The reason given was No longer supported. Use Instead, try:

Firefox Edge (Light & Dark)
or other App themes.

(No screenshot available)
Fx only. Works, see the pic. Vista HP/Aero/Fx default theme.
Goes with my Transparent Tooltips - Black Mica. Another 'highlighted' variant - Transparent Menus & Tooltips Black Mica.

10/11/10 - changed checkboxes to 'chekbullets', see the new pic ('before') and a better one here -
11/13/10 - updated for the latest nightly, added menulist menus.
01/19/11 - moved the menu code from my Application button silver for consistency.
03/03/11 - fix for the latest nightly.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Transparent menus - black mica - Fx4.0b*/Minefiled
Author makondo
License CC-NC-SA
Created Oct 10, 2010
Updated Mar 3, 2011
Installs (this week) 0
Installs (total) 460
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