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This style was deleted by its author, mod_wastrel. The reason given was I won't be using anything from Google anymore, and I won't be updating my styles for the Google+ infected apps.. Instead, try:

DarkSearch for Google
or other Google themes.

(No screenshot available)
Restore the Select links for Gmail - use Style Settings below to select the text colors.

(1) This style is designed for Firefox with Stylish, though it may perform similarly in other browsers with or without Stylish.
(2) This style should work for most Gmail accounts but not necessarily for all--Google doesn't use the same code structure for all accounts (so if it doesn't work for you, sorry... let me know). Sometimes, if, while in Gmail, you disable the style and then re-enable it, the top row or the bottom row of links may not reappear properly (and other times there's no problem at all--it's a hit-or-miss thing); reloading the page usually resolves the problem.
(3) The next Gmail update from Google will, obviously, always have the potential to break this style.

(continued in 'More Info' below)

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Gmail: Select links restored [style settings]
Author mod_wastrel
License CC0
Created Sep 15, 2010
Updated May 11, 2011
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Installs (total) 225
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Select the appropriate color for your theme from the Style Settings. For the default [light] theme use Blue and DarkGreen; for a dark theme--such as Planets--use White and Gold. (You can also edit the style's code after installing to change the colors to something else.) The screenshot shows light and dark themes without this style installed (top) and with it installed (bottom). Style Gmail: a little retrofit does this and a little bit more (though you'll have to edit the code to change the default colors if they don't suit your theme).

Note: For obvious reasons this style won't work properly if you use the Multiple Inboxes lab. You can modify the code to display the Select links only at the top of the first Inbox to have it work more or less acceptably presuming you place the Multiple inboxes below the main Inbox.

* * * * * * * *
07May2011: Google rolling out an update which breaks this style. Changing the '.nH.Cq' [in each selector] to either '.nH>.Cq' or '.nH .Cq' (separate them with a space) will make it work again--but with the bottom links in the wrong place (below the buttons instead of above). I'll take a look at it as soon as I can. 08May2011: updated style (works OK for me--let me know if it doesn't for you)

* * * * * * * *
11May2011: lower z-index for links to '4' ('5' pops up through nav bar menu)
08May2011: change to Gmail code by Google
20Apr2011: restore essential element/class mistakenly removed
18Apr2011: for the latest Gmail--minor change in appearance but same functionality
26Sep2010: added/changed the z-index due to Priority Inbox (so you don't need to update of you're not using that feature)



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