- Firefox: Choose Your Color

Changes the color of Firefox default theme.
Compatible with Australis (Firefox 29) (work in progress).

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

Firefox: Choose Your Color
Author Tss
License CC0
Created Jul 19, 2010
Updated Mar 18, 2014
Installs (this week) 72
Installs (total) 99,872
Average rating Good
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- Tested on Windows 7/Vista and seems to work fine with WinXP and Linux too. Currently does not look right on Mac OS (I'm still trying to fix it - see discussion below). If you have any problem, please tell me;
- If you like some color that is not on the list, request it at the "Discussions" section below.
- I'm using a modified version of Style Thing's excellent Personas applies to titlebar for Firefox 4 5 6 to paint the titlebar in non-Glassed themes.
- Take a look at Firefox: Black or White Icons for color options for the toolbar icons.

(18/03/2014) Fixed Australis code applying to non-Australis Fx.
(29/01/2014) Added options for that hideous tab bar "fog" in Australis on Aero Glass.
(19/12/2013) Fixed Australis styling for Linux (tested on Ubuntu 13.10).
(11/12/2013) Some fixes to titlebar styling (thanks streetwolf for the report).
(10/12/2013) Styled new findbar.
(25/11/2013) Compatibility with Australis.
(31/08/2012) Disabled styling of the built-in Developer toolbar.
(02/04/2012) Compatibility with Vertical Toolbar.
(27/03/2012) Changed styling of #browser-bottombox for Aero.
(02/03/2012) Added choice of texbox transparency.
(24/01/2012) Disabled styling of the built-in inspector bar.
(25/12/2011) Some tweaks to addon bar borders.
(06/09/2011) Disabled styling of toolbarless tabs.
(29/06/2011) Made #navigator-toolbox bottom border lighter.
(28/03/2011) Fixed a bug with Flash and transparency in fullscreen mode. Thanks StuJC for pointing the issue and testing.
(25/03/2011) Compatibility with All-in-One-Sidebar. Thanks jo0 and MozillaUser233 for testing.
(22/03/2011) Fixed selected tab in tabs-on-bottom mode; Reduced roundness of awesomebar buttons.
(09/03/2011) Some polishing of selected tab background.
(25/02/2011) Added more options for text color (black/white) and titlebar(transparent).
(29/01/2011) Compatibility with tabs in titlebar; Fixed #browser-bottombox borders.
(21/12/2010) Code rewrite; Added choice of text color and option of painting titlebar; Styled addon-bar/Findbar; Improved compatibility with Personas.
(10/11/2010) Tweaked tab gradients, text shadows and nav-bar borders.
(12/10/2010) Better support for non-glassed themes; Updated app tab notifications.
(19/09/2010) Fixed a bug with app tab notifications; Tweaked text-shadows to look better with dark colors.
(07/09/2010) Styled background tabs.
(29/08/2010) Fixed a glitch introduced by bug #590873; Dropped support of earlier Fx4 betas.
(14/08/2010) Tweaked #navigator-toolbox top and bottom borders.
(12/08/2010) Tweaked TabToolbar shadow.
(11/08/2010) Compatibility with 4.0b4pre; Added choice of transparency (requires Aero Glass); Styled sidebar-header.
(20/07/2010) Tweaked opacity of hovered tabs; Changed selector of ID icon label.



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