- Joystiq - Paststiq (Futurestiq fixes)



Re-added blue pixelation background.
Gave the main nav and carousel a fixed width.
Added some padding to the nav and main content.
Changed the color of the carousel's "caption bar" where it shows the carousel item's name.
Added background colors for normal and hover states for the caption bar.
Made the scan-lines on the carousel about 70% opaque.
Replaced the older/newer posts images and swapped sides (right is older, left is newer).
Replaced the prev/next image arrow icons with thicker (drop-shadowed) versions.
Moved the comment name above the post time.
Made 1/5 star comments significantly more transparent.
Made 1 heart comments slightly more opaque.
Made 2 1/2 star comments slightly blue.
Made 3 star comments more blue.

Minor other changes not shown.

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Joystiq - Paststiq (Futurestiq fixes)
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Created Jun 11, 2010
Updated Jul 16, 2012
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