- Perfect Dark Google (complete rework)


This style was deleted by its author, stormi. The reason given was Sorry, no updates for this anymore!. Instead, try:

Dark Google FTW
or other Google themes.

(No screenshot available)
Note: Because lack of time I don't know if the style will be updated anymore... but I created a new dark style that supports search and iGoogle:

--> Dark Google FTW

A great, dark Google for you.
Redesigned for nearly any google-service!

Big & HQ previews:

Google Mail, Maps and Reader now have their own styles for easeier updating:

Google Mail: Perfect Dark GMail
Google Maps: Perfect Dark Google Maps
Google Reader: Perfect Dark Google Reader


For changing the background-image edit the style, remove the comments in the url-line ( /* */ ) and change the path to your image. You can also use an url. A dark image is recommended.
For example:
url("file:///D:/wallpaper/example.jpg") or

(Using an image as background may cause slow scrolling)

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Perfect Dark Google (complete rework)
Author stormi
License CC-NC-SA
Created Apr 8, 2010
Updated May 13, 2011
Installs (this week) 4
Installs (total) 329,658
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- Changelog -
13.05.11 - Fixed main page
18.04.11 - Optimized iGoogle reader & yahoo-mail widget, added
15.04.11 - Fixed US image-search
14.04.11 - Fixed a lot of things and GMail & Reader are now seperated!
27.01.11 - Fixed a few things for chrome (visited and blue links, extensions-site)
14.01.11 - Google made some changes again, so a few fixes....
27.12.10 - Fixed instant-search and fixed-topbar for other languages + other minor changes + changed image-host
13.12.10 - First small update and fixes
29.11.10 - Released Perfect Dark Google v2 !

How can you help me?

If you find something, that needs to be fixed or improved, post a comment with the url and a screenshot.
It would also be great, if you can find out the code yourself and post it because for some countries the code differs and it is hard for me find it out.

How can you thank me?

Because it was really A LOT of work and I spended many days (or already weeks Oo) on this style, I would really appreciate it if you can donate a few bucks :)
Or just leave a positive rate and comment if you don't want to :D



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