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Just my attempt at a global dark style. Bound to mess things up. Covers About:blank, About:neterror. The code is uncouth crap IMO, but it works.

Check out Midnight Surfing Alternative (which I prefer) for a simpler, easier to edit version.

To use this style, install Firefox and Stylish. If you already have Stylish, make sure this site is allowed to run JavaScript.

(Though installing Stylish is recommended, if your browser supports user scripts, you can also install this style as a user script.)

Midnight Surfing - Global Dark Style
Author luckymouse
License CC0
Created Dec 22, 2009
Updated May 6, 2015
Installs (this week) 299
Installs (total) 116,353
Average rating OK
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NightShift - eye care (very good, gives pages a sense of structure, seems to cover everything.)
myfavolours - global custom color scheme (very good, not too dark - can be used midday)

  • Maintenance release. Code formatting changes.
  • Changed uppercase element names to lowercase, as certain HTML doctypes will affect how CSS using HTML tag selectors match by making element selectors case sensitive.
  • Removed needless letter "S" from various :not([class*="Sprite"]). Only need to match prite
  • Covered about:newtab. ​​​​​​​Thanks to caspy7 for notifying me about the code bit posted by mcdavis941 (user 4312) - the window selector in particular.
  • Merged heading colors
  • some code clean-up
  • other misc. tweaks.
  • Added some webkit properties
  • Added [class*="container"] to be styled.
  • Removed hover highlight from G00gle search results.
  • Added some code to color the browser background - it'll get rid of the sudden white flash when opening a new tab.
K3YW0RD5: Night owl eye eyes save time dark black grey gray global easy



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